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Sounds Like We Lost It Right?

Well, we thought so too, until we started seeing our customer’s results.

Just to put this in context of whats $69 and whats $10,000 in revenue per month. NinjaPro, our lightweight template based ordering website gets anyone in the F&B industry; Restaurants, Cafes, Clubs, Bistros and even Home bakers to be able to accept orders for Dine In, Delivery, Takeaway and Reservation starting at just $69 per month.

While it is still widely thought that you cant start a business online without spending thousands upfront or 30%-40% in commissions to 3rd party apps. Good news is, You can get started affordably and in just 10 days.

Let Us Share How You Can In 5 Easy Steps!

Who Or What Is NinjaOS?

NinjaOS is a cloud-based online ordering system, we dedicate ourselves in helping F&B brands build their business online with their own website and/or mobile app. We are the only ordering system in the market that allows F&B businesses to accept orders for Delivery, Takeaway, Dine In, Catering, and Reservation while being able to manage CRM, Rewards, and Reports across multiple outlets using one unified backend system.

If you always wanted to bring your F&B business online, then wait no further. Lend on our Know-hows and experience and kickstart your business online with integrated islandwide delivery today!

Drop us a line at to get started or just say Hi!



Stop paying High Commissions, Deliver Islandwide
& Grow Your Business
the way it should be


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