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The One Solution To
Grow Your F&B Business Online

The #1 Enterprise Online Ordering System For F&B Businesses To Generate Revenue, Streamline Operations, Gather & Grow Their Customer Base On Their Own Website & Mobile App.



NinjaOS is a pre-qualified solution under PSG with online food ordering system & mobile ordering system. Claim up to 50% of the qualifying costs for any of our plans.
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Announcing the launch of DBS Payment Gateaway &
PayLah options within NinjaOS for all
our customers and more !

Why Your Own Ordering System?

Its good to be on 3rd party apps such as Food Panda, Honest Bee, Deliveroo, Grab Food and so on for Delivery, Takeaway and Dine In. The problem starts when you rely heavily on them for business.

3rdParty Apps

 30% – 40% in commissions. Lets say you are doing $10,000 in revenue per month, that’s a whopping $3,000 in commissions paid, $36,000 annually.
 Customers only within 1.5km to 3.5km get to see your brand in their app and can get their food delivered.
 Customers data is not provided in any way for you to build loyalty or a long term business.

With Your Own Website & App

  No more commissions to be paid, payments go directly to you with your food ordering system
  Customers can view, share your website with friends and order from you islandwide with your food delivery system.
 Customers data belongs to you, so you can update them on promotions, updates to your menu, brand and more.

What’s An E-Commerce Website..?

What Exactly Is The Difference Between A Website And An E-Commerce Website.

“A website is like passing a brochure to your customer
and sharing more about what you do”
“An E Commerce site is like getting the customer seated to
view your menu and actually start taking an order.”

NinjaOS Helps F&B Firms Grow
Their Business Online By Building
E-Commerce Websites & Mobile Apps.

 E Commerce sites help you Generate Revenue, Streamline Your Ordering Process, Helps You Gather And Grow Your Customer Base.
  Guides your customers from browsing your menu to actually adding items to cart to checkout, seamlessly.
 Allows you to accept Delivery, Takeaway, Dine In, Catering And Reservation orders
 Automatically engage your customers with promotions and loyalty systems.
 Gives you the freedom to operate and accept advanced orders 24/7 even when your store is closed
 Allows you to go digital, go cashless and importantly gives you an opportunity to grow your business exponentially.

The Only Ordering System That You Will Ever Need

NinjaOS allows you to manage all your services and all your outlets in one system.

We take care of setting up your website, products, delivery zone, payment gateaway, promotions and design right from the start.

No more commissions, just a flat monthly fee starting from just $69. You can be ready to take your first order in just 10 days.

No delivery team? No problem. Use any of our delivery partners to deliver your items to your customers islandwide same day within 1 hour.

Kickstart your own cash back or reward points loyalty system instantly. Start to track and grow your customer database like never before.

An Ordering System Fit For Everyone



Small Establishments (1 – 5 outlets)

A template based ordering website Start accepting your first order in 10 days. No contract, Pay as go plans starting from just $69.


Medium - Large Establishments (5 – 1,000 outlets)

A custom designed White-Label website & mobile app. Your brand, your ordering system. Have complete control over your customers and ordering experience Get started and request demo.


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Hear From Our Customers

We had been using Shopify and other
e-commerce systems that only did part of the job. NinjaOS helped us combine Ordering, CRM, Loyalty and Customer Engagement. Now we can take orders for Delivery, Takeaway, Catering, and Reservation with our own custom designed site. We can now manage all our orders, view all of our data, dissect it and make smarter & faster decisions than our competitors

CEO – Copper Chimney
Visit :

My customers always order with me on WhatsApp. It’s a second revenue channel, I had to manually answer all queries on time or I lose that business. With NinjaOS now everything is automated with my own website, customers view the menu, order and pay online at their convenience. My customers love it and in just two months I have seen my business grow to 5 figures a month. I have full access to my customer base, I feel much more safer that I can connect to them anytime. Will strongly recommend NinjaOS to anyone in the F&B industry.

Deanna’s kitchen, Toa Payoh
Visit :


All The Features You Ever Need

Website, App, Menu, Outlet, Delivery Zone, and Payments all the setup done for you from start to accepting your first order.

Build a lasting brand, get your own branded website & mobile app to accept orders for Delivery, Takeaway, Dine In, Catering and Reservation.

Accept orders for Delivery, Takeaway, Dine In, Catering and Reservation managed in one system, no need for multiple systems or 3rd party apps

Setup and manage orders, reports and more for multiple outlets and brands.

POS systems, Accounting Systems, Beacons, Kiosks or anything that has an API. We've got you.

We customise based on your business requirements, and not force you to fit into ours. UI/UX, Reports, Analytics, Rewards or any part of the system is customisable.

Indepth customer data, Total spend, avg cart, items bought, Rewards and more.

Push notify your customers on promotions and updates. SMS your customers in your own “brand name”

Reward points; by total spend or based on items bought. Promo Code; award E Vouchers based on your marketing strategies, issue automatic birthday vouchers. Discounts; For customers who order in bulk.

Auto generate Delivery Order, Tax Invoice, Kitchen order, Sales reports and many more management reports.

Integration & Partners

Every F&B business has a different set of requirement. With NinjaOS, you can customise and integrate with your favourite softwares and applications to streamline your operations.

Important Frequent Questions

Why NinjaOS? Why not I build it myself ?

NinjaOS powers 200+ outlets for some of the largest F&B firms. We understand F&B and E commerce. You can be assured to offer the best practices and rely on our experience to build your business online.

Building your own e commerce with popular systems like Shopify, Magento and others is possible, but it’s not specific to handle F&B. You may face more hurdles than expected to run a smooth business online.

Am I ready to start doing Delivery?

There are three main pillars to start doing a delivery business

Food – You need to consider the time taken for food to be delivered and whether your food can last the time and distance in your packaging

Delivery – You can consider using 3rd party service providers or our integrated service providers

Ordering system – You can accept an order via Phone call, Email and Website. Website will be your easiest option working 24/7 for you accepting current and advanced orders.

How do I receive my payments?

We use DBS payment Gateway, Stripe, Paypal, Red dot payments and Enets. All payments are integrated directly to your account.

How much & how long does it take to build a website to start my business online?

NinjaPro gets you started in just 10 days at $69USD per month.

NinjaEnterprise gets you started in approx 30 days.

Is it going to cost a bomb to market my website or mobile app to my customers?

3rd party apps like FoodPanda, Deliveroo, GrabFood, UberEats charge 30% in commissions for marketing services. If you do approx $10,000 in revenue per month that’s a whopping $3,000 per month in commissions.

All you are about to do is to reverse this. Spend on your marketing by offering promo codes to your customers & also running facebook ads. This not only drives revenue, but also increases your brand awareness.

What’s the use of my customers data?

Customers data in an excel sheet doesn’t help, but customers data with actionable & useful information such as personal details, total spend, average cart, purchased item history, points transaction history, promo transaction history paints a beautiful picture for you to skewer your menu’s performance and your promotional strategies.

Email, Push notifications and SMS to your customers not only does it help you grow your revenue but grow your brand into many more outlets by building on your base of loyal customers.

What do I need to get started on NinjaOS

Menu & pictures
Payment gateway information
3rd party delivery details
That’s all that you require to get started with your online ordering system to start building a business online.

Is it possible to integrate my POS?

Yes ! As long as your current POS vendor has the necessary APIs’ we are able to integrate to push orders, customer information, reward points, promo code and more.

We have integrated with the following POS vendors: Revel, Raptor, Flexovel, Xilnex & FoodZaps

Is it possible to integrate my accounting system?

Yes ! Depending on the APIs available from your accounting systems provider and the level of integrate we will be able to advise.

We are able to integrate with Quickbooks and Xero.

I don’t need ordering capabilities just CRM rewards and vouchers is it possible for me to use NinjaOS?

Yes ! With NinjaEnterprise we have what it takes to power your website and mobile app with the capabilities to engage your customers with member benefits, push notifications on updates and promo, view and redeem points, earn and redeem vouchers. As mentioned it’s completely customisable and maintained for you by NinjaOS.

F&B unlike retail requires constant attention, how is your support?

We understand F&B and it’s challenges. We provide amazing support, are available on phone support throughout the week from 9am to 7pm daily. Email support is 24/7

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NinjaOS enables Restaurants, Cafes, Clubs, Bistros and Catering firms to start and grow their businesses online on their own website and/or mobile app. NinjaOS is the only complete online ordering system that powers Delivery, Takeaway, Dine In, Catering, Reservation, CRM, Rewards, Analytics and Reports across multiple outlets and brands.

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