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Mastercard® & NinjaOS are sponsoring
$1,360 per applicant.

1 Year Subscription Of NinjaPro PSG Pre Approved Solution with

Commission Free Online Ordering System In Your Own Domain
Islandwide Delivery Module (Order, Pay, Deliver)
Takeaway Module (Order, Pay, Collect)
Contactless Dine in Module (Order, Pay, Dine)
Reservation Module (Order, Pay, Dine)
One Click Delivery Partners (Lalamove, Zeek & More)
Integrated Payments, Debit Card, Credit Card, PayNow & more
✔ CRM & Loyalty
Analytics & Reports
Email Support

Limited to the first 50 applicants only.

Only reserved for F&B establishments, terms & conditions apply.

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Commission Free Online Ordering System

Sell More & Grow Faster With NinjaOS.

Online Ordering | CRM | Loyalty

Convert your visitors into actual paying customers with E Commerce.

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The Only Ordering System That You Will Ever Need

NinjaOS allows you to manage all your services and all your outlets in one system.

We take care of setting up your website, products, delivery zone, payment gateaway, promotions and design right from the start.

No more commissions, just a flat monthly fee starting from just $75 USD. You can be ready to take your first order in just 10 days.

No delivery team? No problem. Use any of our delivery partners to deliver your items to your customers islandwide same day within 1 hour.

Kickstart your own cash back or reward points loyalty system instantly. Start to track and grow your customer database like never before.

Why Your Own Ordering System?

Its good to be on 3rd party apps such as Food Panda, Deliveroo, Grab Food and so on for Delivery, Takeaway and Dine In. The problem starts when you rely heavily on them for business.

Working With A

3rd Party App

Great Way To Start Your
Online Journey…

…But Not A Sustainable Way
To Grow Your Business

Starting Your

Own Ordering System

A Little More Effort To
Market & Grow Your Brand…

…But Saves You A Ton Of Money
And Increases Your Revenue

Count How Much You Can Save

Number of orders on the portal per month:
Average order value: $
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/ month
You can save so much by launching your own ordering system


What Can NinjaOS Do For You?

Sell Online

Its like another outlet, but online. Let your customers order for Delivery, Takeaway, Dine In, Catering & Reservation even while you sleep.

Increase Revenue

Customers can order & pay fast on your website for Delivery, Takeaway, Dine In, Catering & Reservation.

Increase Repeat Sales

Create loyal customers who will order again and again, reducing your marketing spend.

Gain Customer & Business

Gain Deep Customer & Business Insights Leave the guesswork out of your business. Understand your business in great detail from top performing items, outlets, transactions vs revenue vs average check size,Customers total spend, avg cart and much more.

Out Of The Box

Focus on your growth, leave the tech & coding stuff to us. Everything is figured out for you so that your operations are streamlined and supports your growth whether you have one or a thousand outlets.

Integrate & Customise
As You Wish

Integrate with any POS, Payment Gateway or 3rd party application.Have a custom requirement for your business? Not to worry we can handle that too, we conform to your business not the other way around.

Why Choose NinjaOS

Market Leader In E Commerce

We serve multi billion dollar Fortune 500 Companies to single store outlets internationally.
NinjaOS is simple to use & yet comes with really powerful features to grow your business.

Everything in one place

Whether you offer Delivery, Takeaway, Dine In (BYOD), Catering, Reservation, require CRM, Loyalty, Reports and Analytics. Its all available within a click. Should you require Integration we see to that too.

Concierge Service

All we require is your menu, following which we handhold you from setting up your website and/or mobile app to start taking your orders and beyond. Focus on growing your business and leave the tech to us.

You Are In Good Company

My customers always order with me on WhatsApp. It’s a second revenue channel, I had to manually answer all queries on time or I lose that business. With NinjaOS now everything is automated with my own website, customers view the menu, order and pay online at their convenience. My customers love it and in just two months I have seen my business grow to 5 figures a month. I have full access to my customer base, I feel much more safer that I can connect to them anytime. Will strongly recommend NinjaOS to anyone in the F&B industry.

Deanna’s kitchen, Toa Payoh
Visit :

We had been using Shopify and other e-commerce systems that only did part of the job. NinjaOS helped us combine Ordering, CRM, Loyalty and Customer Engagement. Now we can take orders for Delivery, Takeaway, Catering, and Reservation with our own custom designed site. We can now manage all our orders, view all of our data, dissect it and make smarter & faster decisions than our competitors

Copper Chimney
Visit :

We wanted to serve our biryani to our customers islandwide. Started with one shop in Norris road, had customers calling us, emailing us and on whatsapp. Things were getting busy & we were losing customers because we couldn’t manage the manual process of taking the order on our POS, collecting payment via transfer and arranging a driver. With NinjaOS the process is so simple, smooth and efficient. Our delivery business has grown to 40% of our total revenue and we have managed to have enough time to open our second outlet. We strongly recommend restaurants to use NinjaOS.

Govinda Rajan
Mr Briyani
Visit :

I was using another e commerce solution provider but it was not integrated with Delivery riders and it was very complicated to use. I switched to NinjaOS and was very pleased with the results, it has been really helpful to grow our business. Now I can receive orders islandwide, view and manage my orders easily, assign drivers and collect payments with one simple to use system. I would highly recommend every F&B owner to use NinjaOS.

Abu Mubarak Mandi Rice
Visit :

An Ordering System Fit For Everyone

restaurant delivery service


Small Establishments (1 – 5 outlets)

A template based ordering website Start accepting your first order in 10 days. No contract, Pay as go plans starting from just $75 USD.


Medium - Large Establishments (5 – 1,000 outlets)

A custom designed White-Label website & mobile app. Your brand, your ordering system. Have complete control over your customers and ordering experience Get started and request demo.

restaurant food delivery

How It Works

Let us show you how the Dine In & Delivery feature works from the time your
customer orders to you receiving and processing the order.

Stop paying High Commissions, Deliver Islandwide & Grow Your Business the way it should be



Grow Your F&B Business Online

NinjaOS provides an all in one e commerce solution that helps
F&B businesses bring their retail business online.
Whether you are just starting off, or a seasoned e commerce player,
we have the toolsnecessary to bring your business to the next level.

food delivery

1. Pre-Built Modules That’s Affordable And Fast To Deploy

Made Simple To Manage All Your Services In One System
Delivery, Takeaway, Dine In, Catering and Reservation 
NinjaOS allows you to select our pre-built modules and offer them to your customers to view your menu, order and pay online whether you are a restaurant, café, club, bar, bistro, catering firm or hotel.

2. Your Own CRM +
Loyalty System

Built To Handle Everything You Will Ever Need
Gain full control in gathering and growing your customer base. Whether you are offering points, cashback, member only discounts, promo codes or packages. You can use this powerful tool to engage your customers like never before.

restaurant ordering system
online ordering system for business

3. One Click To Deliver

No Manpower, No Problem With Integrated Last Mile Delivery Partners.

We have Integrated delivery partners to ensure you don’t need to worry about delivering your food to your customers island-wide. One click of a button is all it takes to get your food to your customers door step.

4. Your Choice;
Website &/or Mobile App

Your Brand Represented In Your Style Flexibility is in your hands.
You can choose to use our template based website,
or go ahead to custom design a website and/or mobile app
depending on your goals and business requirements.

online takeaway ordering system

5. Seriously Powerful Analytics & Reports

The Future Is In The Data & How You Optimize Your Business
Gain unparalleled view of your business performance, item performance, promotion performance, customer performance and generate reports across multiple outlets and across multiple services. You can do much more with data analytics in your hands.

6. Integration With An
Open Heart

No Need To Replace Your Favorite Apps & Systems, Just Integrate
At NinjaOS we strongly believe that the solution must fit the business and not the other way around and that’s why we actively participate in integrations with 3rd party solutions whether it’s a POS, CRM, Accounting, Inventory Management, Delivery Partner, Payment Gateway and etc . Have a requirement? Talk to us.


Create Your Online Ordering System & Sell More With ninjaOS!


If you are looking forward to converting the visitors of your website into regular paying customers through e-commerce, then ninjaOS can be your ultimate choice! Here in ninjaOS, we not only provide you a delivery management app with CRM but also a reliable electronic ordering system, all in just one place.

NinjaOS Offers The Best Electronic Ordering System To Boost Your Business

NinjaOS is solely the brand you need to create your online food ordering website. We have an efficient team to build your applications according to your design and services, having the latest techniques and tools to boost up your marketing strategies.

Online Outlet

The 21st century is the era of technology. Whenever you launch any outlet, you have to make sure to start another one online. As nowadays, people shop virtually more than going out and at odd timings. NinjaOS allows you a smooth ordering system for all of your customer needs, including Delivery, Takeaway, Dine-In, Catering & Reservation 24/7.

Business Insight

Guess can not always help you to analyze your business. You’ll need to understand your business in detail so that you’ll get an insight into the demand of your customer. This way, your interaction with the audience is increased. NinjaOS helps you understand transactions, revenue, customers’ cart average, etc.

Increase in Revenue

If your ordering system is efficient and trustable more people get attracted to it. By the increase in traffic, you’ll get more orders, which results in extra revenue for your website.

Out Of The Box Solution

NinjaOS is there to handle your tech-related and programming practices to make your application efficient. You only have to focus on spreading your business. We will always be there to support your growth regardless of the number of outlets you have expanded.

High Repetitive Sales

Almost every site gets visitors by shortcuts or advertisements. The critical part is making those customers stick to your site. NinjaOS bring loyal customers to your application so that your orders experience a dramatic increasing resulting in reducing the cost of promotion.

Integration & Personalization

If you want to personalize your business website, then you have to worry about anything. NinjaOS can tackle that by working up to your detailed explanation allowing you to integrate with any POS, Payment Gateway, or 3rd party application.


Reasons To Choose NinjaOS To Craft An Efficient Delivery Management App

We know how frequently people order food, whether it is delivery, takeaway, or dine in. Some online food ordering websites are working to support different food franchises by taking the responsibility of delivery and take away on their own

NinjaOS can not only promote retail business but restaurants and beverage teams too, giving our clients the advantage of security, reliability, profitability, and cost-efficiency!

Speedy Transactions With Mobility

NinjaOS helps you to process all the orders within seconds, whether it is of a single product or entire range of items. We offer a cloud-based solution giving you portability. This portability can allow your food delivery system to run in any POS and any device having internet facilities

Analytical Business Decision

Our main aim is to keep our clients updated with the best reviewing and reporting processes by ninjaOS. These processes include detailed reports, sales target analysis, and closure summaries. Through these processes, the client stays aware of his business insight and can be able to make smart decisions that can advertise the business.

100% Customer Satisfaction

The primary priority of NinjaOS is to offer exceptional service to our clients so that the result can be satisfactory. We provide excellent customer service, including less waiting, accuracy in orders, and speedy checkouts. NinjaOS offers you all the essential tools to handle traffic like never before. You can manage the customers like a piece of cake by our exceptional series of tools, including SMS messaging, reports on customer analysis, discounts, sales trends, and deals, etc.

Affordability & Ease Of Use

NinjaOS creates a smart user interface and intuitive designs so that it can be more comfortable for our customers to use. We can customize the website as per the need of your business, expanding your business more and more. You’ll need to add software or expensive servers to maintain your food ordering application, just an IT support team. NinjaOS offers affordable packages so that it is accessible for you to let your business grow.

Stop paying High Commissions, Deliver Islandwide & Grow Your Business the way it should be


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