“Imagine an easy way to start creating a new stream of revenue online”

(No, you don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to setup another kitchen or outlet)

NinjaOS makes it easy for F&B Entrepreneurs to set up their own online ordering website to create a new stream of revenue, save time, grow a loyal customer base and save tons in commissions otherwise paid to 3rd party apps.

Have you ever felt stuck trying to increase your revenue as a F&B Entrepreneur?

You know what i’m talking about

Your restaurant space is filled or hardly filled
You need to start taking orders online to grow the business
You start using 3rd party apps coz its easy, they handle everything
You start getting orders, there is a growing revenue coming through

And than….

You are stuck !

You are completely dependant on 3rd party apps for business

The more you earn, the more you pay in thousands, anywhere from 10 – 40% in commissions.

Its like being held hostage over YOUR OWN BUSINESS. You have just got a shareholder in your business without yourself realising sharing 10 – 40% of your revenue. The money trap is bigger than you can imagine as you grow. For every $10,000 earned online, you could be paying $3,000 at 30%. Lets face it, that’s alot of money.

You know deep inside there has to be another way, you are So Sure Things Can Be Much Easier. You start searching for a solution, probably find a developer to build it yourself or find an off the shelf e-commerce solution which is not meant for F&B.

You struggle to pull things together, days become weeks, weeks become months and slowly the idea to search for a good solution is in shambles.

Money Wasted, Time Wasted and importantly Opportunity Wasted

Somewhere between your idea to find a better solution and building it yourself, you need something thats best fit for the job.

This is why HUNDREDS of F&B businesses & entrepreneurs are taking full control over their Online Ordering Website.


…And Using NinjaOS To Build And Launch Their Online Ordering E Commerce Website Fast.

…And Using NinjaOS To Build And Launch Their Online Ordering E Commerce Website Fast.


Everything You Need To Build And Launch A Successful Online Ordering E Commerce Website Is Included.


Before NinjaOS

If you had to setup your own online ordering e commerce website, 

  • Setup your menu, figure out delivery zones, setup operational timing,
  • Check if the site loads fine
  • Setup of your payment gateway
  • Figure your own delivery drivers
  • No way to setup loyalty mechanisms


Even after all of that, you will still need to figure if all ends are working correctly. You might have need to hire a person to do all of this and find out that your website isnt working.


Nobody has TIME for that. You don’t want to DEAL with all the moving parts and pieces.

With NInjaOS

Its a Done-For-You system, where you provide your menu and pictures and the team will setup the rest for you

  • Menu, Prices, Pictures all setup and done for you
  • Delivery Zones, Operational hours for pickup and delivery all setup for you
  • Payment gateway setup is done and tested for you
  • Integration with a list of delivery drivers so you have someone at a click of a button
  • Setup of loyalty systems to engage your customers
  • Online ordering is setup and ready for your use in just 5 days

There are 3 Main Reasons Why F&B Businesses Choose NinjaOS




Features Include

Delivery, Takeaway, QR Dine In, Catering, Reservation, CRM, Cashback Loyalty, EVouchers, Promo Codes, Wallet, Analytics, Reports, Driver Integrations, Payment Integrations, Customisations

Can you see why so many F&B businesses and entrepreneurs just like you

are switching their businesses to NinjaOS ?

Deanna’s kitchen, Toa Payoh
Visit : www.deannaskitchensg.com

Copper Chimney
Visit : www.copperchimney.com.sg

Govinda Rajan
Mr Briyani
Visit : order.mrbiryanisg.com

Abu Mubarak Mandi Rice
Visit : www.abumubarakmandirice.com

Chix Hot Chicken
Visit : www.chixhotchicken.com

Features Include

As you can see….NinjaOS has helped hundreds of F&B businesses and entrepreneurs.

The Question is 

Are You Next?

If you think that it’s time to take your business to the next level, grow a second revenue channel online, save time and money on commissions and be able to have the freedom to grow your own loyal customer base in your own terms.

Than This Is For You…

If you do nothing

Nothing Happens

This is really not about us, whether you join us today or a year later, it doesn’t affect us. But it can dramatically change your business when you take advantage of this opportunity to make the change. The change that your business needs today.

Time Is Of The Essence

Your competition is not waiting for you. Your customers are not waiting for you. Life will move on. So your next step is on you.

Whats the next step?

Take Action

Its the clear line that separates the Winners from the Losers.

Action is the real key to making it big in this world full of dreamers 

Anyone can say they want to be rich

Anyone can say I have setup goals to be rich

Anyone can dream of riches

But the reward comes only to those who actually DO SOMETHING, not talk about doing something.

I think the choice is clear.

So You Are Ready To Get Started With NinjaOS

If so, than this is what you need to do right now

*We are a picky bunch, let us assess your business to see if we are the right fit to work together