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It’s a level playing game now in 2019 and for years to come. With social media & e commerce, for a brand to win, it need not be built over years and with a slew of outlets but with a well thought out Brand, Website and a worthy product that’s relevant to the market.

More and more Home Bakers are kicking off their business from homes, central kitchens and some even a small outlet with some success. Whether you are selling a cake, cookie or accessories to make them. You can now reach out and grow your audience with lesser capital, faster turn arounds and with no guesswork.

So What Do You Need Exactly?

    1. A website with ordering capabilities( e commerce)
    2. An Instagram & facebook account
    3. A delivery team

Your Website.

NinjaOS offers Pro a simple to setup and use ordering website (Ecommerce for F&B). The best part about it is that it’s a All-Done-For-You online ordering system. Which means you supply your menu/product items and NinjaOS will take care if everything else. Within 10 days you can start your business accepting your first order. Ka Ching !

An Instagram And Facebook page.

This is no longer a should have, could have, it is a must have like the Website above. Setup your page accordingly with information about the products you sell and fill them up with your beautiful product pics. Link your website with a “Order Now” button on facebook. Wa la !

Delivery Team

Gone are the days to hire a rider, pay him an hourly or monthly salary. These days you hire them Uber Style. There are many service providers who offer this service such as LalaMove & Carpal. Sign up for an account and you can link them up with NinjaOS & your website so you can just click to call for a rider.

What’s really going through in your mind right now is “ Yes I like what I’m hearing but how much is this going to cost me?”

Not much, in fact lesser than what you would have imagined.

With just $69 USD per month, you can now have all of the above. An ordering website that’s linked to your facebook and Instagram page and is integrated with your delivery team so you can accept, process and deliver islandwide and grow your business like never before in just 10 days.

Stop paying High Commissions, Deliver Islandwide
& Grow Your Business
the way it should be


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