Turnkey Online Food Ordering Solutions
For Your F&B Store

Start running your business online with your own branded website in 10 days.


No Commissions

Save money instead of paying commissions to 3rd party mobile ordering & food delivery apps. Start accepting orders on your own website and/or mobile app.

Delivery Islandwide

Be able to cater islandwide delivery and reach out to a larger pool of delivery locations for your customers with our integrated delivery partner.

Engage Your Customers

Keep and grow your loyal customer’s database. Engage them with customer loyalty programs such as promotions, discounts and reward points.

The Only F&B Ordering System In Singapore That You Will Ever Need

NinjaOS allows you to manage all your services and all your outlets in one system.




Dine In

Dine In



Pro is made for F&B operators just like you.

We believe in growing your brand, owning your customers’ data and building a food business that lasts for years to come.

Brand Awareness & Online Presence

Whether you are starting out from home or have grown up to 5 outlets. It’s always important to increase the digital presence of your brand with your own URL and own website.

Understanding your customers

Customer retention is important. Own and grow your customers’ database. Understand what items they prefer, which promotions do they respond to, and learn how you can improve the customer ordering experience and increase repeat orders and referrals in no time.

Tools For Marketing

Solid data is the foundation for any business and even more so if you are looking for an F&B ordering system in Singapore. With Pro now you can send targeted promo codes, issue points for purchase, visit reminders and more to engage and grow your business online.

How It Works

Let us show you how the Dine-In & Delivery feature works from the time your customer orders to you receiving and processing the order.

You Are In Good Company

My customers always order with me on WhatsApp. It’s a second revenue channel, I had to manually answer all queries on time or I lose that business. With NinjaOS now everything is automated with my own website, customers view the menu, order and pay online at their convenience. My customers love it and in just two months I have seen my business grow to 5 figures a month. I have full access to my customer base, I feel much more safer that I can connect to them anytime. Will strongly recommend NinjaOS to anyone in the F&B industry looking for online food ordering solutions.

Deanna’s kitchen, Toa Payoh
Visit : www.deannaskitchensg.com

We wanted to serve our biryani to our customers islandwide. Started with one shop in Norris road, had customers calling us, emailing us and on whatsapp. Things were getting busy & we were losing customers because we couldn’t manage the manual process of taking the order on our POS, collecting payment via transfer and arranging a driver. With NinjaOS the process is so simple, smooth and efficient. Our delivery business has grown to 40% of our total revenue and we have managed to have enough time to open our second outlet. We strongly recommend restaurants seeking an F&B ordering system in Singapore, to use NinjaOS.

Govinda Rajan
Mr Briyani
Visit : order.mrbiryanisg.com

I was using another e-commerce solution provider but it was not integrated with Delivery riders and it was very complicated to use. I switched to NinjaOS and was very pleased with the results, it has been really helpful to grow our business. With NinjaOS’s online food ordering solutions, I can receive orders islandwide, view and manage my orders easily, assign drivers and collect payments with one simple to use the system. I would highly recommend every F&B owner to use NinjaOS.

Abu Mubarak Mandi Rice
Visit : www.abumubarakmandirice.com

Our Mission

It is our mission is to enable Restaurants, Cafes, Clubs, Bistros and Caterers to grow their business online. We ensure we have all the tools necessary for you to make money and stay profitable without charging hefty commissions.

Our Support

Whether you are just starting out or scaling your business online. You can rely on our support to ensure your queries are always answered on time.

Our Know-how

We serve some of the biggest companies in the industry; we learn everyday, upgrade and share some of the best result driving tips to everyone along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions About
Our Online Food Ordering Solutions

What Is An Online Food Ordering System?

An online food ordering system is a web application used by many food business owners. It allows their patrons to order meals through a streamlined process, choose from available items on the menu, and finally choose between delivery, pick-up, or making a reservation.

How Does An Online F&B Ordering System In Singapore Work?

The online F&B Ordering System helps you increase your food business online presence. Having a website or an app allows customers to search for your brand or food easily.

Customers can easily place an order for delivery, dine-in or reservation, check their rewards and easily make payments.

Payment is then administered through integration with different payment gateways, likewise for delivery, making the whole process easy for your business and your customers.

Why Do You Need Online Food Ordering Solutions?

It helps to bring in bigger orders for your restaurant business. With a good online food ordering solution, your customers can better visualise the food you provide, comfortably and conveniently place orders from home, and more importantly, they do not have to be physically present to queue for food!

How Does A F&B Ordering System In Singapore Benefit My Business?

It helps to bring in bigger orders for your restaurant business. With a good online food ordering solution, your customers can better visualise the food you provide, comfortably and conveniently place orders from home, and more importantly, they do not have to be physically present to queue for food!

Stop paying High Commissions, Deliver Islandwide & Grow Your Business the way it should be
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