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Build Your Own Restaurant Ordering System & Mobile Applications With Smart Services By Ninja OS

If you want to get rid of the third-party application software, then NinjaOS is here to help! We provide an online order system for restaurants, so you can have complete control over your ordering experience, business insights, and customer analysis, making your restaurant A BRAND!




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No Guesswork, All Done For You

We design your restaurant ordering system & develop your website & mobile app, products, delivery zone, payment gateway, promotions and design right from the start.

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Customisations & Integrations

We believe that the solution must fit the business and not the other way around. We customise reports to help you make informed decisions and recommend functions and features based on your business requirements.

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Inbuilt CRM & Customer Loyalty System

Kickstart your own cash back or reward points loyalty system instantly. Start to track and grow your customer database through loyalty programs like never before.

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The Only Restaurant Ordering System In Singapore That Grows With You

Whether you have 1 outlet or growing to 1,000 outlets, manage all your orders for delivery, takeaway, dine-in, table management, catering and reservation across multiple outlets from your website and/or mobile app within one powerful backend system.

Custom UI & UX

We design & develop your website & mobile app, products, delivery zone, payment gateway, promotions and design right from the start. Your own restaurant ordering app and restaurant reservation system.

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Manage All The Services You Provide To The Client Under One Systematic Umbrella!

NinjaOS has the best team of efficient developers and architects, giving you a systematic process of services for your restaurant ordering system. We let you handle all the restaurant services amongst all the outlets just through a single function. Whether you carry out either TakeAway, Delivery, Dine-In, Catering Reservations, or all of them, we cater to you to manage all those systems with our combined platform. NinjaOS allows you to manage all your services across all your outlets in one order.

Get The Best Restaurant Online Ordering System In Singapore To Meet The Demand Of The Clients Exceptionally!

As the best restaurant online ordering system in Singapore, NinjaOS helps you to create an automated order management system dispatching delivery and marketing campaigns to level up your business needs. We offer all the essentiality with food delivery applications from anywhere within reach to have a successful and secure cost-efficient database. With automated restaurant online ordering software in Singapore, you can better deliver high-quality restaurant services with peace of mind.

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Customer Management & Rewards To Deliver Better Customer Satisfaction

With our customer data management incorporated in our restaurant ordering system, you can provide better customer service for your customers. With a customer loyalty program, you can activate your own reward system; Issue Points or Cash Back reward for your active customers or loyal customers.

Create Online Marketplace

It doesn’t matter what kind of food business you have, what services you are offering, or for how many outlets have your business has been expanded. NinjaOS delivers the best restaurant online ordering system in Singapore to meet your delivery needs. We allow your customers to order directly without any area deflection with multiple portals for payment.

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Multiple Languages & Payment Gateways

If you are still looking for a payment solution to online ordering for restaurants, NinjaOS provides you with the ultimate food order management system giving freedom to your customers. Freedom of mobility, locations, payments, languages, etc. We allow you to have the freedom to pay with any card or through cash without fear of leaking your personal information. We have the tools through which you can accept significant gateways for transactions and payments.

Case Study

Client: Copper Chimney Restaurant
Project: Ninja – Enterprise

Copper Chimney Restaurant

Being one of the Top 5 North Indian Restaurants in Little India in TripAdvisor, 2016. Copper Chimney has grown by leaps and bound in a very competitive F&B industry. Boasting four outlets in strategic locations, they were satisfying customers with the following services; Dine-In, Delivery, Takeaway and Catering.

What had been very traditional processes, from order taking, processing the order and payments has now become automated and efficient. Customers waiting time to place orders, fixing erroneous orders, time taken to organise delivery with purchase orders, generating reports and more administrative and labour intensive tasks has been reduced to a minimum with the implementation of NinjaOS’s online order system for restaurants.

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Client: Get Juiced
Project: Ninja – Enterprise

Get Jucied

Get Juiced is Singapore’s first cashless bar and live music experience that has disrupted the nightlife scene with an all new-concept that merges entertainment with technology. Launching just this year, they are already stealing the limelight at the heart of Clarke Quay, with consumers digging the new perspective they brought into the market.

But more than just looking cool with technology, Get Juiced’s idea of going cashless was to solve to major problems entertainment joints faced: labour shortages and soaring prices of alcohol. By going cashless, Get Juiced can cut costs and pass the savings on to the consumer, making it a no-brainer choice to party with them!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ninja Enterprise

What Is A Restaurant Ordering System In Singapore?

A restaurant ordering system helps restaurants run their operations by taking customer orders, accepting payments from customers, managing food inventory, and eventually managing their whole business.

Is Ninja Enterprise An Online Order System For Restaurants?

Ninja Enterprise is not entirely an online order system for restaurants but is a software that features many functionalities that are found in traditional restaurant management systems such as managing ordering and payments, accepting reservations and more! Contact us today & have a go at our demo and see how much value it can bring to your restaurant business!

How Does A Restaurant Online Ordering System In Singapore Work?

When someone searches for an item at their favourite restaurant, they’ll typically be shown options like “delivery”, “pick up”, or “reservation”. They then select from one of these three choices. Payments can then be made, which may include both credit cards and cash. With a good online order system for restaurants, all these can be seamlessly integrated with other services.

Does My Restaurant Really Need A Restaurant Ordering System?

A restaurant ordering system helps restaurants keep track of their sales, so they know exactly where they stand financially, keep tabs on every single transaction made, and know which products on the menu sell the best at different times of the year. It also tracks every single penny of your business’s sales and helps to manage inventory and customer service. It’s not just safer; it’s also easier for both your business and your customers.

What Are The Benefits Of An Online Order System For Restaurants?

As restaurant or business owners, you gain access to a vast database of your customers, transactions, and products. These can come in a more detailed and accurate form with the help of suitable software for restaurant ordering taking in Singapore. 

With a clear representation of reliable data, you can utilise your expenses for logistics, labour and other marketing functions if required. More importantly, it also helps you provide a better customer experience. 

If you are still looking for solutions on online ordering for restaurants, contact us today. We will be glad to run you through the successful case studies and how you can become one too!

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