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It has been a question in my mind all along. Why give more and more to the ones who are already successful? Why reward those who already have it all? Why make things, even easier when it’s already easy for them?

This is evident for large F&B brands with multiple outlets, they have resources and access to tools and analytics that gives them an unfair advantage over any other players in the industry. To top it off, they get grants, subsidies, interest from top marketers & engineers to work on their ideas to further enhance customer engagement and product launch strategies.

Smaller brands with limited resources such as funding, grants, tools, analytics, and experience usually fall prey to competition in the first 3 years in the F&B industry. With high rental & manpower costs, it takes more than just good food and location these days to thrive. So soon they call it quits with a huge debt and possibly will never venture out again.

This not only kills the brand but kills the dream of an F&B entrepreneur, along with him goes the concept he wanted to amplify, the food he wanted his customers to taste, the brand he wanted to build for everyone to experience. It’s sad, it’s sad that it depends greatly not because of skill but based on the ability to gain access to tools and resources.

I always used to wonder does it even make sense? Shouldn’t they lend the same support, tools, analytics, and resources that are secretly guarded and exploited by larger brands to everyone in the industry? Let them have a FAIR chance at the competition and see who comes on top.

Do you agree?

At this time and age, relying on your retail space and walk-in traffic is split between Dine in, Food Delivery Online, Self Pickup/ Takeaway, and Catering. What these large F&B brands including Starbucks are doing is taking advantage of providing convenience to customers who demand it using the power of E-Commerce.

Customers these days enjoy instant gratification. They want their food delivered; They love your brand, they love your food, they google your name and your website or facebook page turns up. They click through and if they don’t see a method to order, they switch to your competition. Hundreds and hundreds of small brands are now modeling after this Supply & Demand trend and are raking in the additional profits that are required for them to scale to multiple outlets and to hang on during the rainy periods.

Question is which is the right system? What is the tool that large brands use? What are the features that I need to compete?

There are plenty to choose from;
Free, Subscription-Based, Commission Based, Custom Built

Custom Built; Can be a nightmare and a very costly experience as you need to hire a tech team and rely heavily on their recommendations to build a system from scratch. Moreover, you need to figure out all the features you would require from the start which can be extremely daunting.

Commission based systems; Foodpanda, Deliveroo, and other systems fall in this category. They aren’t built for you to grow. The more you grow the more you pay. You stay in this stuck position forever until either the commissions go higher or they decide your fate when its time to let you go.

Free systems are the best initially, but you will need to figure most of the things yourself without any support. The system might require manual intervention all the time. This will probably lead you to think that E-Commerce is too hard, and you would probably give up.

Monthly fees
This tricks you at first, as you battle to conquer your biggest fear.


The Answer: You will get an order, so just get on with it. Did you ask yourself the same question when you signed your tenancy agreement for your retail space? Trust your gut.

Ensure you get close and fast support at every step of the way. F&B is hard, and if your e-commerce system makes it harder than you should drop it immediately.

        1. Why do even our customers recommend NinjaOS for your Restaurant Online Ordering System? Maturity; Most large brands use NinjaOS, you get Enterprise grade features, tools, analytics and support at SME pricing.
        2. Built to scale; Allows you to grow multiple outlets in minutes, easy to set up and use. Lets you offer more than one service such as Delivery, Takeaway, Dine in, Catering and Reservation with CRM & Loyalty.
        3. Affordable Monthly Fees; No ceiling to your growth, all you have to take care of is an affordable monthly fee for your e-commerce site, maintenance, and support.
        4. Integrations; Integrates easily with your existing systems such as POS, Accounting and Inventory systems.
        5. Integrated Delivery Riders; Comes integrated with delivery partners to ensure that you don’t need to worry about the manpower to deliver your food to your customers at their doorstep.

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