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Websites Are Dead, Finally

You heard that right! Websites are really dead, let me explain what I mean by that, with this analogy.

Just imagine having your store open for business, and you have hired this guy to stand in front of your store. Instead of selling, he is showing your customers pictures of your products, handing them brochures, sharing with them your facebook page, talking about how you guys started this business and asking them to send you an email if they would like to place an order.

How long would you keep this guy hired? Or would you fire this guy immediately?

I guess we can all agree on that answer. Now, that’s exactly what your website is doing for your F&B business.

Now, let’s look at this example; Your store is open for business, and you have hired this new guy to stand in front of your store.

He is wasting no time talking about information that your customers don’t care, but he sharing your product categories, interesting descriptions, pricing and he is even taking them through the ordering process for Delivery by asking for their postal code, sharing with them the delivery fee.

He is also talking about the promotions and offers that you guys have running and how your customers can take advantage of it immediately. He is also collecting your customer’s name, number and email to send them a receipt of their order and also keeping a record to reengage them for future promotions, repeat orders and loyalty.

What’s better, he is still working when your store is closed, he is taking orders from your customers even after or before your store opening hours, even in the weekends, he is taking advanced orders and processing all the payments for you.

Now you tell me, how would you like to hire an army of these guys to stand in front of your store? As many as money can buy would be your answer. Right?

Fortunately, you don’t need to hire that many. You just need one, one good one that works really well. This is your E-Commerce Store, and its made simple, fast and affordable for you to get started in your F&B business with NinjaOS.

Do drop us a line at or call us at 6925 8621 to arrange a demo. You be the judge, be blown away by how easy it is for you to kickstart your business online with $0 Commissions, Islandwide Delivery and be able to Gather and Grow your customer base.

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