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Loyalty is precious in the food and beverage industry. Nothing feels better than having free stuff because you’ve consumed plenty of dishes from a restaurant or virtual kitchen whose food you really loved, right? True enough, returning customers are equivalent to ten new customers. They’re more likely to dine in your restaurant and talk about their experience online (and even take photos of themselves to support their voluntary word-of-mouth advertisement in social media).

Loyalty programmes are a great way to give back to customers especially if they’ve been enjoying your dishes and drinks for quite a while. As long as it’s relevant and customers find great value in all your offers, you can create a successful loyalty programme. Here are seven great qualities your soon-to-launch loyalty programme should possess.

Digitally Convenient

The Internet has made it possible to store non-sensitive customer information online thanks to cloud computing technology. Taking advantage of this technology improves the seamlessness of your loyalty programme. Some customers will immediately drop their interest if they face any hassle collecting or redeeming their points or other in-house currencies. Today’s tech makes it easier by allowing you to do the following.

Synchronised Loyalty Points/Stamps/Stickers System

Your customers might not want another reward stamp/sticker card in their wallets. Additionally, if they’re swamped with loyalty cards from other establishments, they might forget your issued loyalty card and feel bad about missing out on all the points they can collect dining in your establishment. 

Synchronised rewards system that stores unique serial numbers of customer cards make it easy to store loyalty points, stamps, or stickers whenever they’re needed. In doing so, customers won’t have problems in case they forget their cards elsewhere or leave it at home. With a name record next to their virtual card’s serial number, they can receive rewards without any hiccups quickly.

A Hassle-Free In-House Currency System

Stickers and stamps look great, especially when your customers can hold them and have an offline copy for themselves. However, they can easily get lost or damaged. While it might seem like a minor hassle, having to prove the customer has a damaged or lost card can take so many weeks or even months to process. In turn, it can cause a negative connotation with their overall brand experience with you.

Digital in-house currency “points” systems make it easier for customers to protect their loyalty programme achievements. You can ask NinjaOS or any other online ordering system developer to integrate a customer’s order with the points they receive with their online accounts to maximise their bonuses too.

Absurd Yet Convincingly Simple

In the past, some brands tried to milk the loyalty programme’s system by introducing loyalty tiers. It might not seem like a huge deal, but adding levels and reward levels can complicate a customer’s perception of the rewards system.

Instead, keep it simple. Find products, services, and even brand tie-ups with other establishments that will give your customers the most bang for their (in-house buck). Give options, but don’t let them take so much time looking through your offers.

Exclusive Perks That Loyalists Will Feel They Missed Out On

The “fear of missing out” is a famous marketing tactic that introduces something amazing that everyone is talking about except the only customers who didn’t participate in an event or try a product or service. When it comes to loyalists, your appealing deals that add the most value for their money are definitely options they will fear to have missed out. Here are some of the most effective ones in today’s F&B market

  • Guaranteed Seating: Loyalty cardholders can get guaranteed seats in any of the F&B establishment’s local or international locations.
  • Queue Jumping: Customers who have been with the brand for a notable amount of time can have perks such as jumping queues and individual passes to skip long hassling lines.
  • Welcome Drink: A flavourful yet straightforward welcome drink is always a pleasant way to start your loyal customer’s dining experience — especially when they can receive free drinks from any branch.

Special Edition Collectors Items

Fast-food chains always promote their latest limited edition plates, utensils, toys, and other limited-time-only products for sale in their establishments. If you’re a luxury establishment with notable utensils, branding, or have a non-dining asset, most loyalists appreciate and feel “they just have to take home,” then consider making that non-edible asset a collector’s item available only to loyalists.

Secret Menus Only Loyalists Know (and Keep Sacred)

Mc Donald’s is famous for its secret menu that allowed customers to get more fantastic dining options. If you have numerous loyalists in your F&B establishment, have your waiters tell them about your secret list that’s only available if customers show their loyalty card or any identification that proves such. This gives them an “elite” feel because they know about other dish varieties your establishment offers.

Limited-Time Discounts and Offers

Loyalty awards that give free are definitely something that customers will appreciate. However, why not introduce loyalist-only huge discounts and offers? Because they know the impeccable dining experience in your establishment, they see your discounts and offers’ worth ten times more valuable — which urges them to spend immediately!

Refer a Friend, Win Instead

Referral programmes will never grow old. Just make sure to explain the referral dynamics carefully and enumerate the prizes or rewards of referring loyalists will receive by bringing more of their family, friends, and colleagues into the establishment.

Loyalty Is of Great Value For the F&B Industry

A repeat customer is someone that has placed full confidence in your products and services. Even the most prominent brands make their most loyal and advocating customers more special by giving them freebies for every single time they spend on your business. Making your loyalty programme seamless, enjoyable, and value-adding are the best ways to make it attractive and gainful for your business.If you’d like a loyalty programme that integrates smoothly with your online delivery service, you can have NinjaOS to help you develop an online ordering platform that gives you the best results for loyalty programmes. Contact us today at to learn more.

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