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2020 brings with itself new challenges and setbacks. The foremost among them is the corona outbreak which has now become a global pandemic and is causing worldwide lockdowns and large areas of people to completely stay at home. Amongst the midst of this crisis, it’s no secret that all businesses are going to suffer one way or another, and needs to find some way to keep their company from suffering huge losses that are hard to recover later. For this purpose, it is imperative that new and effective strategies are employed by businesses.

Well, obviously, your customers cannot leave the house right now to shop for clothes or eat at restaurants and in some places, even doing grocery has become a problem. Hence, it is time for you to put your faith in the online ordering system.

What is an online ordering system?

Online ordering systems are websites of restaurants, grocery shops and small businesses and is basically a software that enables food businesses and other businesses to cater to customers by receiving their order and delivering it to them.

There are 2 components of an online ordering system. First is the webpage or app of the restaurant or grocery store that allows customers to view their menu and what they offering. The second component is an admin management interface so that the said business can receive and manage the orders. It is the age of digital marketing and we are sure that most businesses have already set up an online ordering system. For ones who haven’t, now is definitely the time to create one. The ones who already have it should strengthen it, remove bugs and find ways to enhance their app or software more as they will have more and more load of customers and they need their app to work faster to be able to cater to so many people.

Key features of the 2 components of the online ordering system

The system only works perfectly if both the components work in the correct way. Let’s now talk about the first component of this system which is the webpage or the app of a said business. For this component to function properly, it needs to fulfill a few requirements which are:

  • Needs to be user friendly
  • Can be easily accessed by any device, such as tablet, laptop or cellphone.
  • Offer payment options other than COD such as bank transfer and credit cards.
  • Keeps the customer up to date on the order they have placed
  • Keeps a record of all their past order
  • Whatever items that are being offered are mentioned and can be seen easily
  • The app loads fast
  • They can easily view their order status such as pickup, or in process

The important requirements of the admin management interface to work properly are:

  • Easily understandable settings
  • An organized way of telling the business about orders
  • Notify timely about new orders
  • Easily accessible to all kinds of devices to the staff and management

You could choose from market place online ordering system or self-service online ordering system. If you are new, you should probably start with self-service system and then go onto the marketplace system. In these times, it is necessary you start work on an efficient online ordering system. And for those of you who already have one, keep updating and strengthening your system to get your business through these tough times. Goodluck!

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