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Let’s face it, running a restaurant, cafe, bar, club or catering company is probably one of those businesses with the most number of moving parts running in parallel when you open your doors for business.

Your waiters on the ground steer the experience of your customers’, your chefs in the kitchen do the magic that they do consistently, your supplies need to be fresh and in stock to cater to the demand of the day. Of cause, there are more; your kitchen equipment, electricity, wifi, lights and other mission-critical appliances that can make or break your day.

Aside to handling all of this manpower and equipment, you have the main reason why you are even in business. Your Customers. This is the one reason why you wanted to start this business in the first place. You had identified your target market (Your customers) and how to please them with your option in the market, with the help of your nifty brand, you are directing them to try your food, love your food and eventually always reorder your food. Once you create a raving fan, the message spreads and soon your food and brand is a superstar.

The problem here is that most people running the F&B business start with the clear idea as outlined above, but soon get sucked into the day to day operations like running a kitchen like clockwork. Totally distracted from the real WHY, they actually started this business.

It’s not your fault, its the demands of running an F&B that creates this situation. You don’t need to allow this difficulty to take your vision or passion away from you. Technology at the right places can elevate your experience running your F&B business, thus not making it harder for yourself.

  • The technology available is endless, but what really works for you?
  • Is there going to be another problem to tackle with the implementation of this technology?
  • What is really important and what is nice to have?

If you would like to have a chat about these questions, please feel free to drop us a line. We are always eager to learn more about your business and share what we know.

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