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Over the past years, online food delivery has been a staple of the way people eat that it is tough to imagine that it has only been around for some years. The rise of social media, complex yet easy to use websites, blazing fast internet speeds, and third-party apps, has given a significant boost to the restaurant industry. 


Nowadays, people who want restaurant-quality food in the convenience of their own homes, dorm rooms, and office desks, are not relegated to memorizing ear-worm telephone number jingles and unreliable customer service phone lines. 


Today, all they need is an internet connection and a mobile phone to get quality food delivered to their doorsteps! 


Unfortunately, there are still a lot of restaurants that have not yet taken advantage of this game-changing technology. Reasons as to why this is the case vary from not understanding how the technology works to pure unfamiliarity with the whole concept of online delivery.  


And that is a crying shame because online delivery is another revenue stream for restaurants with high potential for massive profits. In fact, even struggling restaurants might be surprised to find out that having an online delivery service mi9ght just be the answer to their struggles.  


Still not convinced? Well, here are more facts as to why having an online delivery service matters to restaurants. 

3 Major Reasons why Having an Online Delivery Service Matters to Restaurant? 


1. Food Delivery is a huge business! 

Okay, I know I have mentioned this already, but it is really worth mentioning the second (or third) time around. Food delivery rakes in a lot of sales when it comes to restaurants. Don’t believe me? Well, let us back that up with some solid facts! 


In the US alone, 51 percent of consumers use delivery services to purchase food products, and at least 26 percent of those consumers do so on a weekly basis. And guess what’s driving these eye-popping numbers? If you said online delivery, then you are exactly right! 


Online delivery has been growing at a pace of 300% annually since 2014. With a lot of third-party services boasting creative new food delivery platforms, that figure is most likely going to keep going up in the foreseeable future. 



2. Online Delivery is the Best Way to Showcase Your Food 

At this point, there is no denying that the internet plays a massive role vary the way we live, shop, and even eat. In 2019, there are approximately 4.1 billion people around the world using the internet. It has gotten that big since its inception and doesn’t figure to slow down anytime soon. 


If you have great food yet fail to attract customers because of logistical reasons, then it might be time to increase your online presence. Start a website that’s always updated, mobile-friendly, and with an easy to navigate menu. 


Then, create social media accounts that let you get closer to your target audience. Last, but certainly not the least, create an online delivery service that allows people to see what you have to offer as well as enables them conveniently to try your food out with just a few extra clicks. 


Now, a lot of restaurant owners feel like setting all this up is going to cost them a fortune. This is just plain wrong, as creating an online presence is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate sales.  


A good website should not cost you a fortune, and social media marketing is quite cheap. There are also now a variety of third-party apps that makes it easier for owners to have their own delivery service. 


On that note, there are some cons about partnering up with third-party delivery apps that you should know about. These delivery platforms are going to cut into your profits, and about 43 percent of businesses feel that these third-party apps create a relationship barrier between the restaurant and the consumer. 


For those concerns, our NinjaOS platform is a bonafide better alternative in creating a much more cost-effective online delivery service without sacrificing brand building relationship with consumers.  



3. Future-Proof your business 

Frankly speaking, having an online delivery system will determine how your business does in the future. Now, let’s break that down a bit. Without a robust online delivery system, your competition will slowly but surely overtake you.  


Think about it for a second. Even if you have better food and service experience, without the convenience of online delivery, the competition will slowly but surely overtake you by just having one. Accessibility and convenience are going to be a significant factor in the food industry. 


In one study alone, today’s millennials are said to propel the online delivery industry from 35 billion dollars to a whopping 365 billion in just ten years. By 2030, it is predicted that most home-cooked meals are going to be replaced by online delivery from restaurants and central kitchens.  


Time to Deliver! 

There is no other way to say it; Online delivery is going to play an enormous role in whether your restaurant will make it or not. In today’s market, speed and convenience are going to be the main recipe to determine how successful a restaurant is going to be. 


Whether you are a budding restaurateur or an established dining spot, there is no better time than today to start creating or fortifying your online delivery service! Do you agree with this?

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