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Facebook is a powerful online marketing tool. Aside from being a free platform to share content to audiences that have followed and gained interest with your F&B brand, it’s one of the best methods to advertise any new dish, menu, or promotions your company is currently running. True enough, you’ll just need a credit card or PayPal account to get started on Facebook Advertising. In fact, even without prior knowledge of running an advertisement before, you can gain a huge following of reactions and comments about your promotions.

Unfortunately, this might work against your needs and purposes because even if you get great engagement with your advertisement, there’s no guarantee customers have converted to your brand. In this short guide, you’ll learn how to use FB ads that guarantee improved brand recognition and interest from your target audience.

Prioritise Your Greatly-Interested Customers

In traditional sales, marketers prioritise repeat-buying customers. These are customers who will most likely have huge interest about your new promotions, dishes, and updated menu. While it does sound more attractive to gain a huge audience following, fan-customers are the ones who will help you gain true insight whether your menu updates or new dishes are worth implementing or keeping.

Facebook has a convenient facility where you can just upload your existing email and online ordering lists to its database. The system will compare the emails with any existing Facebook account owners and target them when you run your advertisements each time. The best thing about it? Running ads for existing customers is the cheapest on the platform.

The Highly-Attentive Crowd

Highly-attentive audiences are those who have gone through your non-advertising social media advertising posts. They’ve shown great interest by commenting and making (praising or hateful) remarks about your promotions and services.These people may even have registered on your email marketing listings, but haven’t taken the time to visit your restaurant or even create an online ordering account.

Facebook has a custom audiences feature that allows you to group audiences into different categories. For highly-attentive customers, you can group your website and social media visitors into the “interested” listing to create custom advertisements that can entice them to finally visit your restaurant or make an online ordering account and make a purchase through your promotions.

The Least Likely But Possible Audience

Most online advertising and marketing guides will tell you to determine your target audience through profiling or creating multiple audience personas. You will then create different customer journeys by navigating your website and social media funnels. In doing so, you determine the personas that will most likely want to make a purchase and those who might least want to make an order but will most likely so with an attractive offer or promotion.

Least-likely-to-buy audiences will likely make a purchase if you make an attractive promotion or contest that allows them to try your dish for the first time. To profile them, you can use Facebook Audience Insights to learn about their geography, demographics, lifestyle, and buying habits.


Facebook ads allow you to target people in your immediate area. By using location data collected from third-party services, you can target audiences nearest to your vicinity and attract them with your latest promotions.

Often, many have the impression that geo-advertising effective only when targeting customers on a national scale (such as Japan or Singapore-only exclusive promotions and advertisements). The truth is that geo-advertising can work on a city-wide scale especially once prospects check-in into locations or cities.

Seasonal/Event-Based Advertising

During Christmas, many F&B establishments anticipate a higher number of paying customers ordering in bulk. To take advantage of the situation, they will run seasonal or event-based advertising. The promotions can provide discounts for higher-bulk orders for the season. It can also provide additional or bonus limited-edition items from your brand too.

Take advantage of the season and introduce sales and promotions through FB ads especially timed during the average workman’s salary cut-off to maximise your profits efficiently.

Most-Viewed Service Pages

It’s easy for Facebook advertisements to help track activities on your website. In doing so, you can see which service pages do most customers visit. If a certain customer reaches the checkout screen, then this Facebook account owner might make a purchase if he once again sees the items he’s left on his abandoned digital shopping cart.

It is through page activity tracking that custom online ordering and delivery systems such as Ninja OS can help greatly. With insightful data, you can see whether running an advertisement during the morning can get you more online orders during lunch, the afternoon, or dinner.

The Role of Online Ordering

To know effectively which of your target audiences are highly-attentive customers, you can use your online ordering data to help profile their activities. Essentially, those who have reached the check-out page and hesitated to make an order are highly-interested customers that need a little push to finalise their sale.

Current customers that are more important than highly-interested crowds are those that have made a checkout and have tried your food. Online ordering data helps greatly in speeding up the process of identification for your future advertising efforts.

Facebook Ads Are Powerful Marketing Tools if Used Correctly

Facebook is a powerful social media network with the capability to help you find your most interested customers and give you the best results for your investment in your digital marketing efforts. By following these tips above, you can definitely maximise the results of your social network campaigns.

We’ve mentioned that online delivery systems with full access to customer behaviour data and analytic data plays a huge role in social network marketing. In this light, we’d like to extend our hand in giving you an online integrated systems that can help you achieve the results you need. Drop us a line at to learn more!

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