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Why The SMEs Go Digital Scheme To “Tech Up” Is The Best Thing For F&B Businesses In 2017?

Boy…time flies huh?!

Only feels like yesterday when my friends and I were celebrating the dawn of 2017, setting this year’s resolutions for our respective businesses and how we must die-die hit them after a rather slow financial year of 2016.

Now we are almost halfway through the year, and some of my friends are already trailing behind their resolution, others even giving up on them entirely.

And if you’re a business owner too, you know that sometimes this is normal to shift our financial goals to something achievable, but it should never be an excuse especially when struggling to keep our business financially afloat.

I mean no one wants their business to shut down right?

Even the government doesn’t want that too!

Foreseeing that many small, locally-run businesses could potentially shut down, during the Budget 2017 in March, IMDA has decided to get their hands dirty by guiding SMEs by going digital the right way.

From providing customized consultancy to funding, the SMEs Go Digital Programme is specifically meant for SMEs to tap on latest technological innovations to grow and thrive.

Why This Is Great For F&B Businesses Especially?

Now while all industries will definitely benefit from this new scheme, F&B businesses are better primed to ride the wave of cutting-edge technology.

This is simply because of the direct impact “going digital” has on getting more customers and boosting our sales.

You see, recent studies have estimated the global e-commerce sales to surpass $3.5 trillion in the next 5 years.

And with more and more people, especially Millennials, taking to shopping online for food, clothes, gadgets and just about anything under the sun these days…

It only makes sense for businesses to ride this money-making wave to boost our sales as well!

And if you’re not riding this wave, you’re just giving up your portion of $3.5 trillion to your next-door competitor who’ll gladly take your share and your existing customers online.

I don’t want that to happen to my business, and pretty sure no sane business owner would too.

But if you still don’t see the importance of tapping on this raving market of online shoppers…

Just look at the rise of FoodPanda, McDonalds and Lazada, just to name a few examples, who revolutionized the way businesses are run, while making tons of money, by going digital the right way.

Is Your Business Ready To Go Digital?

With all said and done, the biggest question is this.

Is your business ready to go digital (the right way)?

(If you can’t wait to take your business to the next level technologically, check this cutting-edge food ordering system out now!)

While there are hundreds (if not thousands) of solutions available out there, it goes without saying that not all would be ideal for the needs of your business and you.

Here’s a quick checklist of the 6 most important things you should look for in tech solutions:


Ask your solution providers these questions: Does it take too long to setup? Does you have to set it up on your own? Would it affect the operations of my business when it is getting set up?

Get everyone, not just the person who’d be using it, to test out the user-friendliness of the solution you’re getting for your business as well.


Usually, rather than not, any solution that costs a lot to setup comes with a high maintenance fee as well.

Spend more time to researching for cost-effective solutions that also provide round-the-clock, easy-to-reach support to their clients.

No one wants to be put on hold, to get connected to a customer care expert, when your customers are ready to make a payment and your credit-card terminal just goes dead on you.


This is really important when your business is very process driven and you want to smoothen that process to be done faster and more efficiently.


If your solution fails to solve points 1 to 3, you’d probably end up with too many headaches when the systems don’t work the way you want it to. It’s the same as the feeling you get when your laptop just wouldn’t start up or the internet keeps disconnecting when you’re working online.


Is this solution replicable when you open more outlets in the future?

You’d want something that grows along with your business as well, consistently adding value to what you offer to your customers.


If it doesn’t directly increase your sales and revenue respectively, then the solution might not be an immediate need for your business.

Now Is The Best Time To Tech Up!

With the government finally taking a more aggressive stance to helping SMEs, this is the best time for F&B businesses to tap on this opportunity to go digital.

And if you’re a F&B business owner who’s looking to convert random website visitors to paid customers like Lazada, FoodPanda and McDonalds do…

Check out how this flagship online ordering system can increase your online food sales by about 20% now!

(It just happens to clear the above-mentioned checklist as well!)

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