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Facebook may have started as a platform that connected people across the globe, where they shared their thoughts and daily life events. But over time, the social media giant has incorporated a plethora of categories. One of these is a business and marketing tool.

Having billions of active users from around the world, Facebook is by far the best outlet for people who are marketing their restaurants and food chains. Everyone looks for delicious food, so if your social media team is handling Facebook strategy well, your place will become the go-to place of thousands of people.

You may be wondering how you can stand out when innumerable similar businesses are operating their businesses on Facebook. Fortunately, there’s nothing special you need to know or learn, but you can follow some common but effective marketing hacks to appear on top.

The following are some important marketing tips you can implement without any delay.

1.Use Facebook Ads

People usually use Google to run their ads. PPC campaigns are a great source of bringing traffic, but Facebook also has a very smart and effective ad manager that reaches out to more people than you can ever imagine. Even better is the fact that Facebook ads aren’t too expensive either. Anything near $50 can help reach a good amount of audience.

2.Always Remain Active

Social media marketing is all about being dynamic and quick. There isn’t any room for delays. Having the highest number of daily active users around the world, the Facebook restaurant page is the first idea that pops up in anyone’s mind when they need to learn about that place. Make sure you’re always available to respond to any questions or comments that appear on your Facebook messenger and profile. This will automatically get you a “Responds quickly” label on your page, which will, in turn, decrease the bounce rate and people will visit your place more often.

3.Put Like And Share Buttons On All Your Other Platforms

If you own a website or a blog, you can add like and share buttons on these platforms that can redirect traffic to your Facebook page. It is better to add a call to actions for instance, “Check out all our dishes” or “want to know more?” to entice people.

4.Make UseContent Of Old 

As much as uploading new and appealing content on your restaurant Facebook page is important, you should also consider recycling some of your good content. Pick your already existing content and repost it as a new post.

If some of your very good posts or blogs didn’t perform too well, chances are your followers must not be online at that time or they missed it. Facebook also brings up posts from your memories, so if you see a year-old post of an event that took place at your place, repost it!

5.Schedule Your Posts For Holidays and Festive Events

You need to be on your toes at all times if you’re managing social media campaigns. This is a full-time job and you should be posting very frequently. Weekends, holidays, and festivities are times when most users are active and this is when you should be posting the most. If you have a lot on your plate at the moment and you fear missing out on important stuff, you can use the option of scheduling posts for future days on Facebook.

Promoting or increasing brand awareness of your brand used to be a daunting task back in the days. Nowadays, restaurant promotion has become a very easy task with the help of social media and in particular, Facebook. Having your restaurant Facebook page isn’t the only way to market your brand, you can also avail the services of famous bloggers whose writings and posts will reach out to thousands of people.

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