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If you’re looking for effective ways to market your restaurant, social media is inarguably one of the best tools to do it. You can grow your brand awareness, increase your traffic, promote all your products, and most importantly reach out to your target audience. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds. When managing social media accounts, you need to be very active. It’s important that you thoroughly know what to post today, tomorrow, or the day after, and this is made easy with the help of a social media calendar.

Mapping out a schedule for your social media content is a fundamental role in building a strong social media plan of action for your brand. Your social media marketing strategy will never be successful if you’re scrambling at the last minute for what to post. Read on to learn more about social media calendars.

1. The Purpose Of Social Media Calendar

Social media calendar will help you organize and schedule your tasks, and provide you a bigger picture of your whole content. This calendar will enable you to allocate your resources efficiently and avoid issues that can tarnish the reputation of your business like spamming, putting up irrelevant content for the target audience, or your content overlapping with other marketing tools.

2. The Right Time To Post On Social Media

To make your social media campaigns a success, you need to have the right knowledge of the behavior of your audience. Knowing this can help you set the right time to post content for better engagement and viewership. These calendars and similar tools will provide you the most suitable time slots to post for all social media platforms.

3. Make The Right Template

If you’re making a social media content calendar, start by printing a blank template. You can use a variety of calendar tools like Microsoft excel template, Google drive calendar, Loomly, and many more that will allow you to put in the timings for the content you’ll post on each social media site. There are various other options available on the tools, for instance, adding columns and labels for different categories of content you’re planning to put up.

4. Benefits Of Using Social Media Calendar For Restaurants

  • If you’re managing a restaurant, public holidays and other festivities are very important. A social media calendar will help you keep track of all such events, and this schedule will enable you to equally divide your focus into all the activities.
  • With a schedule in place, you can have the space to plan for all the creative content that has the potential to go viral. Once you have a plan made for all your campaigns, you can focus on what to write and conduct research as well.
  • Social media calendars can also be synced with your email marketing plans. Bear in mind that email marketing is very important regardless of how old or new your business is. It helps people know about your social content and they can subscribe to get notified about every new thing.
  • Most importantly, social media marketing is all about posting good content regularly, and this calendar assists you in making a habit of doing this. You can enhance your presence in the social world by constantly putting out attractive and eye-catching content.


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