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The food delivery management systems like on-demand food delivery and takeaway apps have made the lives of foodies easy and super convenient. The millennial lifestyle is all about ease and comfort, and this is why more and more people are inclined towards using online food ordering systems.

On top of that, the busy lifestyle of this generation doesn’t offer the liberty to cook food every day. This is also one of the contributing factors due to which the use of on-demand food delivery apps has skyrocketed in recent years.

One of the known competitors in the food market is Chow Now. It is a non-commission on-demand America based online ordering system and food delivery app. Chow Now is partnered up with 14,000 restaurants all around the USA and Canada. It connects independent restaurants with customers and offers them quality food delivery services. Moreover, the most significant advantage this food delivery app offers to restaurants is that it is non-commission, meaning restaurants can enjoy the benefits of a restaurant aggregator without paying hefty amounts of cash as commission.

However, there could be many reasons why one would want to try a Chow Now alternative. Maybe it is not available in the city you’re traveling to, or you want to give another on-demand food delivery app a chance and want to experience a change. No matter what the reason, you can always try the following online food delivery apps and enjoy timely delivery and tasty food in the comfort of your house.


Uber Eats is one of the biggest competitors in the market.  It has 46,100 restaurants as partners and is active in 6000 cities across 45 countries. Uber Eats is given the topmost priority as an on-demand food delivery app in countries like Pakistan, India, the USA, and the UK. It offers a variety of food cuisines and has an extraordinary contactless delivery system.


Deliveroo is a London based on-demand food delivery app. It offers delivery services in 500 cities across 14 countries like Spain, Australia, Italy, Hong Kong, Germany, Kuwait, UAE, Ireland, the Netherlands, etc. Until now, Deliveroo has partnered up with 80,000 restaurants and connects millions of users with their favorite eateries.


Zomato is an Indian online food delivery and takeaway app and was found in 2008. This Indian restaurant aggregator, due to its efficient and quality food delivery management and customer service, gained attention and fame from customers almost instantly.  And this is how it grew internationally in just a few years, and now it is available in Australia, Belgium, UK, USA, India, Ireland, Lebanon, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, Chile, and other 12 countries.


This on-demand food delivery app is available in about 300 cities across the US, Canada, and the UK. It has a partnership with 300,000 restaurants from which customers can find a variety of cuisines. It promised quality contactless and on-time food delivery to its customers. Furthermore, it supports local businesses like road-side cafes as well, offering the users the option to enjoy local food at reasonable rates.

All the above-mentioned on-demand food delivery apps ensure a promising experience where the users get to enjoy hot and fresh food delivered right at their doorsteps.

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