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Just as the competition among restaurants is too intense, the competition among the food delivery management apps is enormous. In this time and age, the consumers’ demand for convenience has skyrocketed, and more and more people are inclined towards using on-demand food delivery apps to curb their cravings for delicious food. This growing number of consumers is the sole reason for this keen competition among aggregator food delivery apps.

Just Eat is an internationally known food delivery app that is based in the UK, but offers its services in the UK, the USA, Asia, and Oceania. There are over a total of 13 countries where Just Eats acts as an intermediate between independent food takeaway eateries and their customers. However, due to any reason, if you cannot get your hands on this on-demand delivery app when you’re traveling, the following are some Just Eat alternatives that can help you get a tasty and hot meal right at your doorstep.


Zomato is an Indian food aggregator that offers contactless food delivery to customers worldwide. As of now, it is offering its services in Ireland, Lebanon, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, Chile, Australia, Belgium, UK, USA, India, and other 12 countries. One significant feature of this app is that it offers a “no commission policy.” to the restaurants that help eateries to increase their profit margin.


The DoorDash is an excellent alternative for Just Eat. This on-demand food delivery app is one of the biggest competitors in the food market. It offers consumers a wide range of restaurants to choose from and order a variety of food. DoorDash is functional in about 300 cities in the UK, US, and Canada. So if you’re in one of these countries, you’re ought to order at least once from this exceptional food delivery app.

Uber Eats:

The giant multinational company Uber is not only known for its transport services, but its byproduct “UberEats” has taken the restaurant market by storm. It delivers in about 6000 cities across 45 countries like the UK, USA, India, Pakistan, and many more. It has an efficient no-contact delivery system that delivers your food fresh and ready to be devoured in minimum time.


GrubHub is the dominant force in the food delivery app market and is the kind of power to be reckoned with. This on-demand seamless delivery app pockets the most online orders among its competitors due to its streamlined and directional food delivery system that allows millions of customers to order from their favorite restaurants. GrubHub is functional internationally and delivers in about 3,200 cities and all 50 states of the US.


Deliveroo is another alternative for Just eat, and is also based in London. This on-demand food delivery app operates in about 500 cities across 14 countries like Germany, Hong Kong, France, Australia, Italy, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Kuwait, UAE, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, and the UK. It claims to be partners with 80,000 restaurants worldwide and bags up a customer base that is international and in millions.

Wherever you go, these few food delivery apps are there to offer you fantastic food and right at your doorstep.

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