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Marketing strategies are most effective when they target a specific demographic of the audience. In order to truly stand out from your competitors, you need to launch a marketing campaign which makes you memorable and unique, in the eyes of your audience demographic.
To achieve this objective, you need to understand the type of audience your restaurant is catering to. Considering the following tips to draw in your target customers.

Use your restaurant ordering system to study customer behaviour

The delivery apps for restaurant owners allow them the opportunity to track their customer’s online spending habits. With an in-house delivery management system, you have the golden opportunity to study your customer base. You can use the system to collect relevant information about your target demographic. This may include their age group, gender, location, preference for food, the time at which they place an order, the amount of money they are willing to spend, as well as the social media platforms that they use. This information can help you create a marketing campaign, which is specifically engineered to attract a particular demographic of people.

Create appealing advertisements

Once you gather an understanding of what your customers are attracted to, you can promote your business using this knowledge. For example, if your restaurant caters to college students who are on a budget, your marketing campaign can include ideas that promote discounted or packaged deals. You may also choose the more popular social media platforms to display your advertisements. For instance, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the most used platforms for this age group.

Collaborate with an SEO expert

Search engine optimisation can help your restaurant appear higher in search results ranking page. Most customers use Google to find restaurants near them, which deliver the food of their choice. Therefore, appearing higher in the rankings can ensure more exposure and visibility among old and potentially new customers. Additionally, an SEO expert can help you optimise your website so that it caters directly to your target demographic. These individuals use heaps of research to make your website rank higher than your competition.

Offer online-exclusive discounts

When you are able to understand exactly what your customer wants, you must create discounts that they cannot resist. Essentially, your discount strategies should be designed in manner that they benefit you, as well as your consumers. However, these discounts must offer some value to the target demogrpahic. For example, if your customer base is college students who enjoy fast food, offering a discount on vegan meals may not work out in your favour. Keeping this in mind, you must create discount strategies that are based on relevant information regarding your customers.

The key to drawing in your target customers is understanding their behaviour, needs and desires. Once you gather this information, you can promote your brand in the manner which appeals to them. Your restaurant can use SEO strategies, a restaurant ordering system, as well as social media platforms to connect with the target consumers.

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