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~Commission Free Online Food Ordering System~

Online Ordering System Specialised For The F&B Industry.

Delivery, Takeaway, QR Dine In, Catering, Reservation, CRM, Loyalty, Analytics and Integrations.

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Customers Who Trust Us

Providing the best online food ordering system for more than 600+ brands,
across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia & Japan

Our Customer’s Success Is Our Success!

Our main goal is to help generate additional revenue, commission free for F&B businesses.

What are 6x, 7x and 8x awards?

There were tons of customers within NinjaOS who were crossing the $100,000, $1,000,000 and $10,000,000 milestone. This is ADDITIONAL REVENUE generated online, on their own website or mobile app, COMMISSION FREE.

We wanted to celebrate each of them as a successful and trusted brand online because they deserve it ! 6x Award for crossing $100,000, 7x Award for crossing $1,000,000 and 8x Award for crossing $10,000,000.

8x Award – $10,000,000

Georges has a humble beginning at Pasir Ris Park. Founded in 1999, it started as a small sea sports centre with a beverage kiosk. Fast forward to today, it has grown to become an established brand with over 6 outlets. Georges started using NinjaOS to generate additional revenue online with zero commissions and engage their customers with NinjaOS Loyalty System. Today we are so proud to award Georges for achieving our highest award, 8x for generating over $10,000,000.

7x Award, For Achieving More Than $1,000,000

Copper Chimney
7x Award – $1,000,000

7x Award – $1,000,000

7x Award – $1,000,000

Canadian Pizza
7x Award – $1,000,000

Abumubarak Mandi Rice
7x Award – $1,000,000

6x Award, For Achieving More Than $100,000

CIEL Pâtisserie
6x Award – $100,000

Chix Hot Chicken
6x Award – $100,000

6x Award – $100,000

6x Award – $100,000

SG Happy Pot
6x Award – $100,000

6x Award – $100,000

Coba Coba
6x Award – $100,000

Mrs Pho
6x Award – $100,000

Wine Connection
6x Award – $100,000

Keef The Beef
6x Award – $100,000

How Our
Technology Works

NinjaOS is an E Commerce technology that’s specific to the F&B industry. Our technology helps F&B businesses compete in an ever evolving landscape.

Day 1 Value Guaranteed

NinjaOS platform delivers value out of the box, not in days, months or years. All our plans come with a 100% Return Of Investment Guarantee that promises, your business will make back your investment at minimum in the first year of use of our software.

Integrated Delivery

Save 35% on commissions, offer lower prices to customers and enjoy higher repeat orders on Delivery orders. Tap on our 7 integrated delivery partners.

Table Ordering

60% of businesses are still Dine In orders, allow customers to order at table directly with your restaurant, earn points and refer customers. This way it’s not just streamlining orders but you are collecting valuable data that can increase repeat and new orders.

Advanced Loyalty System

Reward your customers on Delivery, Takeaway and Dine In orders in store and online. NinjaOS makes it easy and automated for customers to earn, redeem points, refer customers and get reminded to reorder with you.

Advanced Analytics

One dashboard to view and track performance of your menu, outlets and customers ordering patterns. Easily update your menu, content, create promotions, generate reports across all your outlets.

Integrations & Customisations

Integrate with existing Point of sale (POS), Accounting Systems, Inventory management systems, Loyalty systems. Customize new features, reports and design based on your business requirements. We scale together with your business.

Why Use Your Own Online Ordering System For Food/Beverages Businesses?

Great way to start, but not the best way to grow your F&B business

  • 15 – 35% Commission
  • No Customer Data
  • 1.5km – 3.5km (Limited Coverage)
  • Battle for positions within platform

If you are serious about taking control and growing your F&B business online

  • Zero Commissions
  • Customer data with analytics on purchase patterns
  • Island wide delivery (Unlimited coverage)
  • Custom designed website or app in your own domain name

Features You Love

Incorporating the best features you will ever need for an online ordering system in Singapore,
we have everything you need to take your F&B business to another level.



Dine In



MealPlan Subscriptions

Events Booking

B2B / Corporate Orders

CRM & Loyalty


Everything “Done For You” To Scale Your Business

Home Based, Single Outlet, Multi Outlet Chain, Hotels, Malls, Catering, Grocery, Bakery


Single Store, Multi Store, Grocery, Hotels
Template based mobile web ordering system with CRM, Loyalty and Analytics.

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Pro Plus

Single Store, Multi Store, Grocery, Hotels
Template based web app ordering system with Single Tier & Multi Tier CRM, Loyalty and Analytics. POS & Custom integration and customisations available to suit your business requirements.

View More


Single Store, Multi Store, Grocery, Hotels
Custom designed web app ordering system with Multi Tier CRM, Loyalty and Analytics. Extensive integration and customisations available to suit your business requirements.

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Mobile App

Single Store, Multi Store, Grocery, Hotels
Custom designed mobile app ordering system with Multi Tier CRM, Loyalty and Analytics. Extensive integration and customisations available to suit your business requirements.

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Malls, Coffeeshops, Cloud Kitchens
Custom designed multi tenant web & mobile ordering system with Multi Tier CRM, Loyalty and Analytics. Extensive integration and customisations available to suit your business requirements.

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ChopChop Rewards

Single Store, Multi Store, Grocery, Hotels
Standalone CRM & Loyalty Solution with Cashback, Cash EVouchers, Product EVoucher & Payment Processor. Easily gather and grow your customer base with no frills over the counter.

How It Works


Single Store, Multi Store, Grocery, Hotels

Transform your front of house with a self ordering kiosk. Save cost, and space with our tiny but powerful self ordering kiosks with CRM, Loyalty and Analytics.


Single Store, Multi Store, Grocery, Hotels

Need a simple system to record your orders, issue loyalty points to your customers, manage and streamline your operations. All you need is our call center application

Delivery Integration


We have integrated with 6 of the largest delivery partners and counting. Automated delivery assignment, finding the cheapest option, assigning your own driver is now at your fingertips.

POS Integration

Single Store, Multi Store, Grocery, Hotels

We integrate with over 10 popular POS systems in the region so you dont need to worry about reconciliation, errors in orders and streamlining front and back of house

What’s New @ NinjaOS

Discover the latest product innovations, industry insights and company updates

You Are In Good Company

Still looking for the best online ordering system for restaurants?
Check out what some of our clients have said about us!

“We switched off all platforms; GrabFood, Foodpanda, Deliveroo to stop paying commissions. NinjaOS is a reliable partner for us to completely rely on to grow our business online. We sold over 6 figures in just 2 months and saved thousands of dollars to use for our own marketing efforts”

ZaadChix Hot Chicken

“We are finally able to use data to grow our business. NinjaOS helps us with Delivery, Takeaway, Catering, CRM, Loyalty and Integration with our POS enabling us to see the full picture to engage our customers and grow our business.”

AdnanCopper Chimney

“We grew our online revenue to over 40% of our total revenue in just 2 short months, With NinjaOS, we managed to free up time to focus in growing the business and have successfully opened our second outlet. We will definitely recommend NinjaOS if you are looking for a system to handle everything online.”

Govinda RajanMr Briyani

“From Whatsapp, taking manual orders and collecting payment via bank transfers. Deanna’s Kitchen setup her own online ordering system with NinjaOS. Within 2 months she clocked over 5 Figures and in a short number of months has grown from one to four outlets.”

DeannaDeanna's Kitchen

“I was using another e commerce solution provider but it was not integrated with Delivery riders and it was very complicated to use. I switched to NinjaOS and was very pleased with the results, it has been really helpful to grow our business.I would highly recommend every F&B owner to use NinjaOS.”

MustafaAbu Mubarak Mandi Rice

Automate & Scale Your Business
With Our Online Ordering System For Food

Why spend time reconciling when you can have the full picture in seconds in one system. Save time, elevate your customer experience and grow your business at scale today with one of the best online food ordering systems in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions

We all have questions, we’ve got answers

Is NinjaOS An IMDA Pre Approved Solution?

Yes it is, and for the second year running. Speaks volume when the government and customers approve and benefit from the solution to grow their business. Should you be eligible, you can enjoy a grant of up to 80% in Singapore.

Why Does NinjaOS Not Charge A Commission? Is There A Catch?

We are here for growth together with our customers. Lets say you earn $5,000, you spend $500 in commissions, You earn $10,000, you spend $1,000 in commissions. Would you still want to earn $100,000 this way or would you want to replace that system and keep the profits to yourself? We all know the answer and thats why we do not charge a commission and hinder your growth.

In What Way Does NinjaOS Help Me Grow My Business?

It maximizes your business in many ways; NinjaOS is an all in one system that helps you organise your customer’s information for re engagement, sets you up with Delivery, Takeaway, Dine In, Catering and Reservation offering superior customer experience to order and interact, engage and increase your revenue with CRM and Loyalty features. Its basically like your second outlet, just online.

Why Do I Need NinjaOS When I Can Build On My Own Using Shopify, Wix Or Magento?

You certainly can, but the question is; Does it serve your business requirement and Who does the maintenance and upgrades of features? It normally becomes a far more daunting and expensive process to figure all the features and moving parts yourself hence we have built a F&B centric online ordering system that covers everything you need and integrates with possibly everything that you need. It also gets updated every 2 weeks with features that help you streamline and improve your business.

I Am Running A Startup From Home, Do You Offer Discounts Or Lower Priced Plans?

Certainly, we offer monthly and annual plans which are easy on the pocket and with no contracts or long term commitments. Go ahead to drop us a line and we will share more with you.

What Does NinjaOS Stand For?

Ninja Online Ordering System. Many have asked us, why Ninja? Ninja’s are known for their stealth and speed. Likewise, we aim to empower our customers fast and behind the scenes so that they can front their brand/business and grow to greater heights.

How Can An Online Ordering System For Food Benefit Me?

With Ninja Online Ordering System for food, business owners can easily navigate through their customer’s orders and make changes to the menu. With a seamless interface, you can also fulfil customer orders easily, leaving you peace of mind and satisfied customers.

How Can An Online Food Ordering System In Singapore Provide Better Management?

If there is something we have learnt from the pandemic, is that it’s time to take control of your business. Instead of COMPLETELY relying on 3rd party applications and Dine-In sales, grow your business online with Delivery, Takeaway, QR Dine In, Catering and Reservation. 

With your own food order online system in Singapore, you can easily manage orders from every different channel and service type. Save time by automating manual tasks, contact us today and find out more about our available services.

Can A Food Ordering System Track Inventory?

With our food ordering online system and solutions, F&B business owners can easily monitor their inventory and the whole process is automated, which makes your job easier as well. Ninja OS provides a comprehensive solution for digital ordering for restaurants or F&B businesses and has also incorporated many of the popular POS systems features in our tools. Contact us today to find out more!

How Can NinjaOS Help Save Time & Money?

We charge zero commissions & hidden fees and ONLY a flat monthly fee always keeps you at a healthy spot to grow your business. And with integrated payment gateways, you have many options to collect the payment but you will never have to spend more time collecting or counting them. 

With NinjaOS’s food ordering online system, you can eliminate double entry or errors while keeping everything in Sync. 

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