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As a restaurant owner, you should always consider the different ways you can make a profit with the delicacies you sell. Implementing a delivery management system by getting an online ordering website, customised for your business, is one way to increase your revenue.

However, before investing in a website, you may be worried if the food you serve would be popular online. To put your mind at ease, take a look at the results of a survey by Grubhub, which studied the latest trends of food ordered online.

Vegan/ Vegetarian options

If your restaurant has a vegan menu, you shouldn’t even think twice about launching an online ordering website. According to the research, vegan and vegetarian food options have experienced a rise in the last few years. In fact, Cauliflower pizza is one of the most trending food items that is ordered via an online food application. Other vegan options are also extremely popular online. spicy Brussel sprouts, portobello empanada, vegan burger buffalo cauliflower, black bean & sweet potato tacos, and vegan pad thai are also vastly preferred by online consumers. Therefore, if you have a vegan restaurant, make sure to cash in with an online delivery management system.

Classic Comfort Food Options

If you serve comfort food, you have nothing to worry about. The Grubhub results demonstrated that a classic chicken burger rose 318% in popularity throughout the last year. A similar rate of 413% was observed by Miso pork ramen and the popularity of 281% was calculated for brown sugar milk tea. Comfort food is a preferred option by most consumers who desire to treat themselves at lunch or dinner.

Breakfast items

If you serve a breakfast menu, adding a delivery management system can provide you with a lot of profit. In the new health wave, where people are actually looking after their bodies, the most important meal of the day is ordered online. The busy work schedule compels individuals to order their breakfast through an online ordering website, so they can save time in the morning. The most popular breakfast items ordered online are BEC (bacon, eggs and cheese) biscuit, a mixed berry acai bowl, the classic chicken and waffles combination, french toast (strawberry and banana are more popular choices) and a dutch pancake. If you do not serve these items, you can either expand your menu or introduce your original items to the online consumers.

Late-night cravings and Deserts

Online ordering websites offer the benefit for satisfying late-night cravings. Most people order comfort food, spicy food or ethnic food to gratify their appetite. The most sought out late-night items include a buffalo chicken empanada, parmesan fries, quesadilla and breadsticks.
The dessert menu is not evicted from online deliveries. In fact, most people satisfy their sweet tooth by ordering deserts online. The most prevalent dessert items are butter cakes, vegan cakes, chocolate shakes, caramel churros and fruit crepes

Adding a delivery management system for your restaurant can only offer benefits. Regardless of the menu you have, you can always find a customer base online. Therefore, implementing this system can bring more customers, along with an increased rate of profit.

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