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Regardless of which country or city you are in, pizza is considered the best comfort food. Pizzas are termed as the most convenient junk food in today’s era. Today, this dish, which originates from Italy, has gained huge popularity around the globe.

If you are residing in Singapore, then this blog is something you should definitely give a read. We have tried and tested all the restaurants that offer pizza in Singapore, and have developed a competitive list of the top 10 restaurants who offer worth drooling over pizzas.

These are the top ten restaurants that you MUST try out if you have a passion for pizza.

Pizza delivery Singapore

This is not open for dining in, but it is the best pizza you could get at your home. Their chef has learnt how to make pizza over a decade in Italy.

Bella pizza

Bella pizza offers unique pizzas, such as one of its pizza come along with egg on top. It is also said that these pizzas have the thickest crust in town.

Capri trattoria and pizzeria

The chef at Capri Trattoria and Pizzeria has years of expertise in making pizza, which is showcased in their perfect crusts. They have the crispiest crust with a number of minor pockets that hold up the air

Alt. pizza

This is not the traditional Italian pizza restaurant, but it could be an excellent spot for you if you are looking for a lively place to hang out with your friends. They offer true American style pizzas that do not know the meaning of simplicity.

Pizza Fabbrica

If you are looking for an innovative pizza that is well made, then Pizza Fabbrica is the ideal restaurant for you. They have the most interesting and innovative, and different types of pizzas that would not cost you a fortune.


It is located in the most expensive food street that is Club Street. In this beautiful place, you could find fresh flowers and a pizza hand-spinned to perfection. They offer the most simple, yet delicious pizzas, which are totally worth it.

Pizzeria L’Operetta

There is a lot of hype about this pizza restaurant, as it is among the very few restaurants which are AVPN-approved and is known for its Neapolitan style. What distinguishes their pizza from the other restaurants in that the crust of their pizza is slightly denser.

La forketta gastronomia italiana

This place offers a wide range of options for pizzas, and by wide range, we do not mean 6 or 7 flavours. In their menu, 2 pages are entirely covered with pizzas which make up to 30 different options.

Le braceria pizza and grill

Le braceria pizza and grill is located behind the most famous stretch of Greenwood restaurants, and it would not be wrong to call it a posh and quiet restaurant. If you are not a fan of tomatoes or the conventional pizza sauce, then this is the perfect spot for you.

La pizzaiola

If you are living somewhere near Serangoon Gardens, then you must have tried this restaurant. This place has a pretty comfortable and casual environment, where the majority of the crowd are the youngsters. They have La pizzaiola special on their menu, which is a must-try pizza flavour.




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