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A person ate a bat, and a few months later, the entire world faced a pandemic because of it. This sounds like a joke, but this became the reality of the Earth. The most popular virus that is the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID’19) changed the dynamics of the entire world, all the way from education to dining out. Every aspect of life was shifted towards online module, thanks to the technology.

Many businesses faced a negative impact of COVID-19, and many global businesses declared bankruptcy. However, several small businesses were able to survive it. This is a weird fact, but it is true. The reason behind it is that those small organizations were smart enough to deal with the ruins of COVID-19. Restaurants mainly faced huge losses, as people were stuck in their home, therefore, we have gathered some of the things that restaurant owners could do in order to cope up with the impacts of COVID-19.

Cut down your menu

It might feel like that reducing your menu would reduce your sales, but it is not true. Cutting down your menu would help you cut down your inventory cost, provide you with greater space for storage, and would also enable your chefs to focus on the specific dishes.

What you need to do is that you need to keep the dishes that promise you higher profit margins and cut out all of those who have little or no profit margins. This would save you from disappointing your customers with an average dish; rather, you would be able to provide them with the best dishes on

Since many suppliers ran out of business during the pandemic, it is imperative to call your supplier and confirm about the things that you require before finalizing your precise menu. Another important thing to confirm with the supplier is the price list, in order to make sure whether or not they have increased the prices. This would that help you retain your profit margin, and based on this, you could finalize your concise menu.

Add online delivery service.

Many restaurants are offering online delivery service even before the widespread of the deadly virus, but during and after the outbreak of the virus there are a high number of customers who would still prefer to get the food delivered at their place rather than going out. This mainly includes the people who belong to an older age group.

Get a simple supply chain.

It is very important that you get a supplier supply chain and eliminate the intermediaries as that could save up a lot of money that is taken up by the intermediaries. The higher number of middlemen in between, the higher the amount they would be charging, so it is always better to cut these down. It is recommended that you to directly going to the market place and purchasing your supplies directly, this might be a little difficult to do, but it could greatly help you in cutting down your cost.



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