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You’re definitely moving in the right direction if you’re planning to grow your email marketing list. People are more of the view that using emails is an old-school approach and that social media marketing will do the job. As much as social media marketing is important for your restaurant, email marketing has the potential to generate a lot of business and motivate customers to pre-book their tables for the coming days.

According to recent research, 66% of sellers have stated that email marketing delivers an excellent return on their investments.

You can achieve huge results with this tool, but you’ll need a long restaurant email list to meet your targets. Let’s discuss some effective ways to build this email list.

Growing Your Email List

1. Use Feedback Cards

The best business practice is to go with the “bird in hand” approach. This approach is about how you can achieve results with what you already have. The people who have already visited your restaurant and have had a good experience with your food and level of service are all the more likely to return. When your customers visit you the next time, give them a paper card that asks for their email address.

2. Redirecting Traffic From Your Website And Social Media Pages

Restaurant websites do not generate a lot of revenue. This is because customers only log on to the website to either check the menu or get your contact details. Having made a landing page on your website is a great way of creating a big restaurant email list.

3. Advertise On The Bill

If paper cards or feedback forms aren’t doing much good, you can mention at the bottom of the bill that you’re offering a 10% discount on the next visit for visiting the given address. There is no doubt that all customers are enticed towards discounts and offers.

4. Make Use Of Social Media

Your Facebook and Instagram restaurant pages are most probably receiving the highest amount of traffic. People usually visit the official restaurant pages on social media sites to explore their eating options. You can use Ads or paid campaigns on these social media platforms that will direct your viewers to your website or the landing page. But, remember you need to give to receive. So, offer your customers a discount on their next bill. Social media marketing can play a vital role in developing a qualified email list for you

5. Invite People To Play Games To Win Exciting Prizes

Another effective way of increasing traffic on your landing page or the official website to increase your restaurant email list is by conducting a game or lucky draw. The prize for the winner can be a free meal plus anything else that you can offer. To be a part of this game, get your customers to share your post and enter their email address on the website. To magnify this, use the post-boost option on Facebook to reach out to a larger audience.

6.Use Wi-Fi To Capture Data

You may find thousands of ordinary methods to increase your restaurant email list, but why not do something unique? An innovative approach is to quickly expand your email list by making use of your restaurant Wi-Fi. All walk-in customers demand restaurant Wi-Fi to access the internet. Make a captive portal for Wi-Fi login that will ask customers to fill in their email address to get access to the internet. This data capturing by Wi-Fi login will grow your database phenomenally.

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