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The food business has shown great growth in recent years, with so many new restaurants being opened and a variety of food being offered by them. With so much competition in the market, it is extremely important that you spread awareness about your restaurant to the public in different ways so that you do not get left behind or suffer losses. There are many things you can do for that purpose and in this article, we are going to help you with restaurant marketing trends of the year 2020.

First and foremost, research thoroughly

Do you know what this year is all about? Do you know what’s in and what’s not? What the people want and not want? What are their likes and dislikes? How are the other businesses functioning and what are they doing for their restaurants? You need to consider all these questions and research thoroughly using different resources like Google and social media to understand what everyone expects from you this year.

Also, with such great technological advancements in recent years, it is important to use technology as a way to pave a better and successful way for your business so you need to wonder whether you have an effective social media marketing strategy in place, and whether you are making use of other strategies such as SEO and ads to target your audience. Keeping all this in mind, here are a few restaurant marketing trends that we believe will dominate 2020. So, keep scrolling to find out!

The Latest Restaurant Marketing Trends

Take Instagram worthy photos of your food!

I think it is safe to say that we all have gone through different restaurants on Instagram and checked out their food pictures. Infact, many people decide where they would like to eat next based on these pictures. Food photography is a great way of getting the customers’ attention and for this purpose, we’d advise that you hire a photographer or take delicious and appealing photos of food yourself so that they stand out among other pages and attract people towards your restaurant.

Local SEO

Google has gone through major changes in the past few years and one strategy that it has introduced is local SEO. It is important that your restaurant ranks well in local organic search so that more people can see it. And the way to do that is to tell customers about where you are situated, if you have any other branches and how to contact you. This way, when customers search ‘nearby restaurants around me’, and yours is near, because of the information you provided, they will be able to see your too, getting you more acknowledgement and attention.

Marketing through email

This is a cost effective and easy way of letting customers see your food, new offers and discounts on a daily basis. Through email, you are basically engaged with your customers full time and they keep seeing the name of your restaurant on their gadgets.

Effective and accessible website

You need to make a website for your restaurant that is easily accessible, engaging and administers the customers’ need with ease. It is important that the website is functional because if it not, you will lose loyal customers and will also be unable to gain new ones. Hence, ensure that your website does not have a lot of pop ups or broken links to confuse people and cause them to bounce off.


Many restaurants still do not give a digital menu of what they offer to the public. And that’s bad for business, because then many customers will then search some other restaurant’s menu and go there if they like it. Hence it is important to show an optimized and attractive menu on your social media to attract more customers towards your business.

These are a few ways trends you could follow in the year 2020 to stay in the competition and make your restaurant stand out from the others. Goodluck!

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