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NinjaOS for Clubs & Bistros

NinjaOS for Clubs & Bistros

Ordering | Customer Engagement | Loyalty


Place your menu
in the hands of your customers

What if your customers can view your menu & promotions way before they reach your outlet. They can plan ahead and better still, share your website and/or mobile app and gather a group of ready to order customers for you.

Engage &
Grow Your Customer Base

Ready-made Loyalty points, Cash Back & Promo Code functions to engage your customers in a fun way to keep them coming back to your store over and over again.

CRM & Analytics

Understand your customer's data, purchasing patterns, items sold and more to skewer your marketing activities to deliver powerful and ROI generating campaigns.

Inbuilt Marketing

What is the use of data if it cant be engaged correctly? NinjaOS combines the power of Email campaigns, SMS & Push Notifications all within the system to empower you for greater success.

Our Implementations

A self serve concept, where customers can bring their own devices to order within the club. Each order generates a queue number for the customer. When the drink or food is ready, a push notification is sent to the customer to pickup their items. Their Queue number flashes on a large display to notify the customer as well.

Dine In, Advanced Order, Reservation, Song Request & Wallet
Mobile App | POS Integration | Queue Management | CRM | Rewards | Reports

Stop paying High Commissions, Deliver Islandwide & Grow Your Business the way it should be


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