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It’s okay if you’ve started using Grabfood, UberEats, Deliveroo, and third-party online delivery services when you wanted to reach a new customer base. They’re truly excellent services that can help you break even without any initial capital. However, you’ll find several limitations that can hinder your progress when it comes to maximizing your profits using a third-party online delivery service. 

However, by using an online delivery service designed specifically to cater to your brand and your brand’s customer’s needs, you gain so much potential to profit and scale your own online delivery service as your business grows. Here is how you can get started doing this.

Hire a Great Custom Online Delivery Service Builder

True enough, with 5-10 years of studying and experimenting, your in-house team can build their own online delivery service with all the intricacies and features you need to succeed. However, time is of the essence, and investing in the right online delivery service developer is a better choice. When it comes to investing in talent, make sure you’re working with one that has in-depth experience in building and configuring them to your needs such as NinjaOS. 

The Right Interpretations of Customer Data

Information is the key to any successful product and service development, campaign, and other actions businesses take that allow them to profit or succeed. By learning how to read your online deliver service’s data output, you can see the progress your brand is making in different target areas, which advises you effectively about the best time to release new promotions, contests, and other marketing campaigns. In addition, customer preferences can help you develop dishes that your customers will surely love too. 

‘Hot’ Spots

Online delivery service data will collect information about the frequency of online orders and queries your customers make using your app from different locations across multiple cities or even regions. Identifying ‘hot’ spots allows you to see where your brand has established a foothold. In contrast, it helps brands see which areas will they need to use promotions or contests to gain more customer volume and brand recognition that helps their brand grow their profits over time. 

Amount of Orders on Average

Learning about the average number of orders your business gets on a daily basis at a target city or territory helps you make crucial logistical decisions from procuring ingredients to reallocating city or territory-dedicated delivery staff. In doing so, you can maximize your profits thanks to the automated data-recording and presentation features of bespoke online delivery service platforms and minimize any possible losses due to uninformed or misinterpreted decisions.

Demographics and Customer Preferences

The spending capability of a student is different to that of employees. Third-party online delivery services do not give you much insight on the earning capacity of your customers. Data like this is mostly restricted to the service itself. For example, an account holder will have to enter their age, gender, and address. This is information only visible to third-parties. However, with your own custom online delivery service, you gain insight about the preferences of different age gaps based on their order. You’ll know more about their spending behaviour and earning capabilities too. 

Why Visuals Will and Forever Always Matter

The first thing people notice will be how seamless and interactive your app is. Second, mobile phone accessibility is another important factor — a mobile responsive website will always score highly with customers and brands. Therefore, visuals will and forever always matter. However, it’s important to not just use any type of design you see from free theme sets or fancy-paid websites. Custom online delivery service platform designers can create a web design completely appropriate for your brand. Here are a few things to focus on when it comes to visual design.

Website Design

User-friendly websites aren’t ones that have multiple items and menu specifications. The less movement variations and clicks customers have to perform, the better. An excellent website also loads its information fast and introduces a flowing and powerful design that complies with modern search engine optimisation practices.  

Your Application

Similar to your website, your app must accommodate your restaurant’s branding and style. In addition, it should load elements and connect to your website server (if needed) quickly and efficiently. Make sure you ask only the most necessary permissions when customers use your app. Most are wary of infecting their smartphones with viruses or spyware that can spell problems for your brand. Professional online delivery service system developers ensures you won’t have these problems at all. It’s worth noting that in 2020, digital marketing will play an extremely huge role in F&B marketing and online delivery services.

Focus on Online Marketing

It’s true: the most affordable way to market your brand is through the Internet. It’s free to open a social media account and get a feel for your web design using free online website and hosting services. It is also true that proper customer data interpretations (as we discussed earlier in this post) are especially important in building effective campaigns that expand your market and audience reach. Here are three important aspects of online marketing you should focus on.

Social Media

Instagram and Facebook are the biggest and most effective social networks when it comes to identifying your audience, spreading word about your brand through posts, contests, and reviews, and building your following. However both networks have different post characteristics that you should be aware of.

For example, Facebook might be an image-centric social network, but it also incorporates long-form videos as part of your promotions. In addition, customers can write comments or on-the-spot reviews underneath your new products or service.

On the other hand, Instagram encourages account owners to beautify their homepages with a grid-style gallery of images from your restaurant. This makes it the perfect menu-style social account that can help build your following. Social networks have played big roles in expanding the influence of many businesses, and maximising this through organic and paid advertising is a great way to promote your online delivery service

Search Marketing

Aside from a dedicated application, a dedicated search marketing website is imperative for success. Sometimes, customers don’t want to download an app to order food from your restaurant. In addition, downloading and registering an account versus registering an account through a mobile-responsive website is truly less tedious. Lastly, having your own search marketing-oriented website does wonder for your online presence in Google and other search engines. Google My Business is an alternative social network-style director that allows you to promote your products, services and promotions too.

Contests and Promotions

Nowadays, you won’t have to use a TV or radio spot to promote your restaurant’s contests and promotions. You can build an irresistible offer through your social networks and website. You can encourage customers by using paid advertisements on social networks and paid search traffic through search engines to maximise your online delivery service exposure and profits

Harness the Power of Online Delivery Services and Gain Huge Profits

Online delivery services aren’t just conveniences for the modern age. It’s the new standard when it comes to delivering the best quality of food and dishes your brand can deliver. In fact, because customers are now leaning towards experiences than just the food’s taste or filling capability, it’s essential to make every experience memorable and exciting for them. It is for this reason online delivery services will always play a huge role in helping you maximise and gain huge profits.

If you’re interested in having your own online delivery service completely ready for search engines, advanced features, and everything else we mentioned here, we can definitely help. Drop us a line at now to get started!

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