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An effective advertisement strategy can directly influence your sales. In order to increase your restaurant’s online presence, you must create promotional features for different platforms available online. You can take the following guidelines into account while designing advertisements to promote your brand.

Rank higher on Google

Your restaurant’s food delivery website is one Google search away. However, for your customers to find your business, you would need to have a relevant online presence. You can gain popularity online by ranking high in Google search results. This objective can be achieved by employing an effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy.
If you do not have knowledge of SEO or SEM, you can partner up with a local SEO service provider, who can assist you with improving your search results ranking. When your website ranks higher in the search results, it can become more visible to the customers. Hence, an efficient SEO strategy can bring traffic to your online ordering system.

Advertise on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most used online social media platforms. You can promote your restaurant business on this application by paying Facebook to display your restaurant’s ads. On this platform, advertisements are usually apparent in a video link, or they are visible on the side in the form of an image. By using Facebook as a platform for launching paid advertisements for your restaurant you can increase your customer base, and generate more revenue.
Additionally, you can also carry out free promotions on Facebook by creating a page for your restaurant. You can use the platform to interact, engage, and update the customers about your latest deals and promotions.

Advertise on Instagram

If your restaurant targets young individuals, Instagram is the perfect platform to run your advertisements. This application allows you to create a different variety of ads, including photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, collection ads and feed ads. With this, your restaurant can appear on the feed of many potential customers.
However, when you are creating advertisements with the intent to display them on Instagram, be sure to add images that aesthetic and visually-stimulating. Your portfolio of images can compel the audience to view your restaurant’s page.
Similar to Facebook, you can also start an Instagram page for your restaurant. This page can display captivating photos of your menu, as well as interactive videos of your staff. With Instagram’s public account option, you can also profit from the use of hashtags. By adding relevant hashtags, you can invite more traffic to your page.

Advertise on YouTube

YouTube now runs video ads in between the video content. This type of advertisement is known as “in-stream ads”. With an in-stream ad on YouTube, you required to pay a fixed amount every time a user either watches the advertisement for thirty seconds, or they respond to it. You can also invest in bumper ads in a YouTube video, as they require you to pay after your ad is displayed a thousand times. However, bumper ads are only limited to a six seconds timeframe.

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