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Almost half of the world’s population is using the internet. What they are looking for is information and answers to their queries. If you think you’ll make a website and you will easily get sufficient web traffic, then let us tell you that it is not going to happen that easily.

The reason behind this is your website is not in the race with a few thousand websites, there are over 1.7 billion websites along with your website to compete for the web traffic. In such a tough cut-throat competition, as a potential online business definitely, you do not want to miss any traffic opportunity. Hence do so you need to look at the ways to increase your web traffic in 2022 & beyond.

1) Run Facebook Ads

Running Facebook Ads doesn’t have to cost a fortune; you can drive clicks to your business even from Ads that can be worth $0.35 globally per click, and $0.28 in the US. Note that those numbers are not constant for every business and for every ad. That being said it has always been the case that advertisers look towards Facebook ads whenever they deal with a low ad budget and want 5-10x of their return.

In fact, as an online business even we are running Facebook ads to drive traffic, generate potential leads, and turn those leads into clients. From our experience all we can that is Facebook ads are a gold mine if used wisely and as an online business we think that every other business should give it a try.

NinjaOS Facebook Ad

Anyhow if you’re about to use Facebook ads then we like to point out some things that need to master in order to run effective Facebook ads:-

  1. Know your target audience: Before running any ads, you should know who will be an ideal customer for your business. In here the best part about facebook ads is that it helps you breakdown your targeting to location, age group, interests, income, and much more. Hence you carry out an extensive research on deciding which audience set to target and also you will have a chance to test multiple differenent set of audiences for better conversions.
  2. Spend most of your time on ad creatives: Ad creatives can be video, photo, GIF, plan text (or) even the combination of the all. It is damn important to come up with creative, engaging, and converting ad because your text/visual/clip is the very first thing that someone sees when they look at your ad on Facebook. Hence your ad creative dictates the click and it should good enough to drive tarffic to your business.
  3. Monitor your ad sets and test vigorously: No matter through which platform you’re running ads. The ads need to be monitored and as a business you have to be quick enough to make effective ad changes. Also there is always room for improvement when you’re running ads, even best of your ads can outperform itself Hence it is always advised to keep on testing with new ads and keep on experimenting with new set of audiences.

2) Leverage Influencer Marketing Consistently

In this day and age of social media, influencers are the real deal. There are literally dozens of million-dollar brands who rely on just influencers to generate traffic to their business websites and drive sales. Be it GymShark or Allen Solly, a typical online business with a website of their own where they sell products has been successfully driving traffic through influencers.

Also, you need to understand that to drive a significant amount of traffic to your website, you need to land long-term deals with the influencers within your space and have to be consistent with them.

Businesses connect with industry influencers to establish their brand identity and this results in a constant flow of traffic on their website. Anyhow there are several effective ways to approach influencer marketing and some of those would be to:-

  • Start paying influencers to post about you on their social media.
  • Deliver free products to a list of infleuncers and let them share about your brand on social media.
  • Collborate with the infleuncers and launch exclusive products through partenrships.
  • Invite infleuncers to your online interviews and publish blog posts about it.

3) Use Codecanyon to Create Tools and Share It on Your Website

Codecanyon is the place where you can get access to multiple pre-built plugins, templates, and scripts that you can install on your website without the help of any code. Hence it is a pool of such customized tools and scripts which you can use on your website.

To better understand how you can leverage Codecanyon, let’s take an example, assume that your website is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows your users to trade cryptocurrency. If you can place a cryptocurrency price tracker using Codecanyon on your website and as it really helps your visitors. Then they will bookmark your website and visit it again and again. 

Also having tools on your websites can generate backlinks too. In fact, Neil Patel a reputed digital marketer talks about the same strategy in his videos and a few years ago, he bought ‘Ubersuggest’ and made that tool accessible to everyone by which is now generating tons of traffic and revenue.

4) Use Instagram for Both Inorganic and Organic Growth

Do you know that approximately 80% of Instagram users at least follow one business?

Therefore an active presence on Instagram can help you acquire some new customers by diverting followers to your website. But, for that to happen, you require a good follower base, which will depend upon the kind of efforts you make to engage with users on Instagram.

Hence here are some tips from us which might help you promote your business through Instagram:-

Leverage Your Profile Section: Have a proper bio on your Instagram page, include keywords in your bio, include a link in your bio, and explain about your Instagram page to your readers within that bio.

Make use of hashtags and geo-tagging: Instagram is probably the second platform after Twitter where people like to upload hashtags. There is no denying the fact that, adding hashtags can improve any post’s organic reach on Instagram. So it is advisable to spend time on finding potential hashtags to grow on Instagram and also similar to hashtags, features such as geo-tagging do help a post shown up within that specified geo-tag.

Post videos to tell your story: Over the years, Instagram has immersed video content into its platform. Be it IGTV videos, stories, or reels, videos have become the main medium of consumption and there is no doubt that users are actively engaging with such content. Hence leveraging videos to tell stories is the right approach towards getting clicks on Instagram.

Post regularly: We all know that social media platforms are fast-paced channels, the content on these platforms doesn’t stick for long like YouTube and blogging. Hence to improve your reach on a day-to-day basis on Instagram, you have to publish regular content by leveraging all the right stuff from hashtags to videos.

Respond to Every Customer Query: Since the emergence of brands on Instagram, it has made customers get closer to their brands by making brands accessible to reach through a single message/comment. Hence users (or) your existing customers might engage with on your Instagram and it is damn important to engage with every customer’s query/request/message.

5) Distribute Promo Codes

Exclusive deals and discounts still remain to be a powerful way to bring visitors to your website. You can create special coupon codes and share them over the different coupon websites.

Note: If you’re a restaurant owner and want to leverage promo codes to get more customers and drive more clicks to your business. Then you can leverage the ‘Free Product Promo Codes’ feature of NinjaOS where you can create unique promo codes within seconds and also these promo codes are easy to share all around the internet be it via emails (or) via social media platforms.

6) Leverage Pinterest for Traffic

Contrary to popular belief, Pinterest isn’t just a website for planning a dream destination wedding, DIY crafts, home remodels, and sharing recipes. It is a social media channel where you can illustrate what services you can offer. 

Apart from Google, Pinterest is the biggest photo-based search platform, where anyone can share snaps of anything with their followers and friends across the globe. While not every click means a sale on Pinterest but it is a “soft-sell” platform where you can build your reputation as an online business. 

There is already a bundle of marketers and brands using Pinterest to drive traffic on their websites and landing pages. Also if a business is into eCommerce and selling products for women then Pinterest could turn out to be a gold mine for them, as more than 70% of the platform is filled with female audiences.

7) Launch a Podcast 

If you love what you do, you will know everything latest in your industry and will remain up-to-date on new developments including how anything affects your industry. As an expert (or) as an enthusiast in your industry, you can pitch to join on the podcasts which blend with your niche. 

By building relationships with the popular podcasters and collaborating on the topics that you are an expert on, gives you an opportunity to gain extra exposure to someone else’s established audience.

For instance, if you are an expert content marketer, try building your repute over the social media marketing podcasts. As any show goes live with you as a guest, it would a great win situation for you as will be acknowledged, and also you could get a quality audience from the existing and established podcast show. 

8) Do the Right Keyword Research

Keyword research is a central part of your SEO strategy, if your website content isn’t based/planned/written around keywords then you would never know which topic/content to target for significant traffic. Hence finding potential keywords is the very first thing that you do when you start a new blog and it is important to note few things before doing this, like:-

  • Use a promosing paid tool like Ahrefs to get reliable data on keywords
  • Always focus on keywords which are relevant to your webiste and should belpng to your niche
  • Choose the keywords with good traffic and less competition
  • Don’t go for one-word keywords, instead choose long-term keywords

A long-term keyword is a merger of more than one word forming a search query. Although the long-term keywords have less search volume compared to one-word keywords they are easier to rank.

9) Implement on-page SEO

The most long-lasting strategy to get traffic to your website is by performing search engine optimization. Within SEO, on-page SEO plays a major role by helping Google understand your content and later rank it in the SERPs.

However, a poorly optimized blog post isn’t gonna rank top on Google even if you build enough backlinks and that is the reason why on-page SEO is the very first thing you do when you’re publishing your content. Being said that, on-page SEO is not just about optimizing your title and filling up your URL with keywords, it also includes:-

  • Optimzing meta tags which includes meta title and meta description
  • Buidling a nice SILO structure of your webiste through proper interlinking
  • Optimzing images with alt text
  • Improving your site’s E-A-T
  • Including schema’s in the content and much more

10) Focus on Content Marketing Strategy

While it’s tempting to write blog posts that excite you — such as breaking news or latest industry topics or any other random topics— but such content will have limited relevancy. 

Hence to not fall off the guard and stick to a plan, it is important to strategize your content marketing. Eventually having the right content marketing plan lets you create content swiftly and drive traffic over time. Usually, these are some basic steps that you can take to focus more on your content marketing strategy:-

  • Pan out the topics which you’re gonna write about (Do your keyword research and make a list of content ideas to write about)
  • Publish content regurarly because consistency is the key
  • Promote your content through social media
  • Promote your content through email lists
  • Generate backlinks from authoritative websites
  • Rinse and repeat the process

11) Create a Referral Program for Your Existing Customers

By creating a well-devised referral program for your existing customers, you can drive referral traffic to your site. A referral program can be promoted in a variety of ways, right from sending emails to educating your customers about the program. All that takes to launch a referral program is to have access to software which can help you create one and make it easy to access for the existing customers of your business.

Note:- If you have a restaurant business and want to launch your own referral program within few minutes. Then you can opt for our Ninja Pro solution where can create an easy-to-use referral system for each customer and offer incentives to bring more traffic and customers to your business.

12) Create and share Infographics

If you frequently read any long blog post (or) website with a good amount of traffic, you would probably notice that the content is filled with multiple images and graphs to illustrate the concept (or) show any meaningful data. Why? It is because infographics improve information retention and help readers turn into customers. 

There is no doubt that infographics are visually appealing and users engage with them to absorb the information. Also having infographics can help you rank on relevant Google image searches too.

If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional graphic designer, then you can always use sites such as Canva to create visually appealing and shareable infographics through its pre-made templates. 

13) Write Answers on Quora

Quora is a popular Q&A site where people can ask & answer questions. Do you know that Quora receives 3,000 million unique users monthly and, it ranks for millions of keywords on Google So, do you see the opportunity here?

If yes, then find relevant Quora questions in your space that rank on Google and publish your answers there, also do include a link to your website in your answers to generate referral traffic. However, you’ve to do comprehensive research to find questions that get a good search volume. Answering questions involves no rocket science, you have to use your best knowledge and copywriting skills to convince people to keep reading and make them continue to visit your website.

14) Upload Videos on YouTube

YouTube is the very first place that comes to mind when someone is looking for video content. 

Undoubtedly YouTube has become a potential platform where you can share your video content and expect it to grow organically year on year. But being said that growing on YouTube isn’t that simple and easy. In fact, today if you create a new channel on YouTube you would be against a sea full of competitors.

But that shouldn’t stop you from leveraging traffic from YouTube. Instead, treat YouTube just like blogging and focus only on creating quality videos with quality content in it. We prefer brands to initially focus on two (or) three channels to drive traffic and among them, YouTube needs to be must in that list.

However, if you wanna get few quick tips on how to upload videos and grow on YouTube. Then follow this list:-

  • Create educational content
  • Publish educational content
  • Create interesting, dynamic, interactive videos
  • Know your audience
  • Optimize your content
  • Find untapped keywords
  • Improve your avereage watch time
  • Do collaborations with other creators and brands on YouTube

15) Publish on Linkedin for B2B Gains

Unlike most of the social media platforms which can purely help B2C brands, Linkedin is the best choice for B2B brands out there to gain traction and to build traffic to their websites. Usually, there are two ways in which LinkedIn helps:-

  1. Positing images, videos, and GIF’s through your profile as a normal post
  2. Writing long-form articles on LinkdeIn. Indeed there are bunch of users who love reading LinkedIn articles and also LinkedIn articles do rank on Google as well.

By sharing your website links through regular posts (or) articles, you will create that opportunity to drive clicks from working professionals and sometimes maybe from top managers of a big company. Hence you’re able to leverage those B2B gains through LinkedIn.

16) Run PPC ads

Even though running PPC ads is not advisable for most blogs unless if you’re selling something on your website. But assuming that these days most of the website owners are treating their blogs as a business and are either selling a product (or) a service. Hence in such cases, it becomes that much more important to drive traffic that is laser-targeted.

Therefore to drive specific traffic which converts well. There is no better than PPC ads on Google. Mind that, these ads can be expensive depending upon which industry and keywords you’re after. However, for any kind of advertisers, Google ads is the topmost advertising platform to drive traffic and generate good ROI.

17) Run Native Ads on Taboola and Outbrain

Native Ads are those ads that you usually see on large new publication sites. Unlike the displayed Ads, the native ads don’t look like Ads instead they seem like a part of the content. Therefore they are considered non-disruptive ads. Usually, native ads are even more expensive than PPC ads. So usually websites those run native ads have a high budget and they are indeed able to spend that budget because they might be selling high-end/high-profit-making products.

Globally, Taboola and Outbrain are the most common native Ads networks used by advertisers.

18) Write Guest Posts on Authoritative Blogs

Guest posting is another great way to drive through to your website. Not only that guest posts are major used to get backlinks from authoritative sites. Hence doing guest posts will increase the site’s authority which leads to better Google rankings and thus helps your website to drive more traffic.

However, guest posting is not a short-term strategy and it isn’t a quick one to implement too. Usually, guest posting is an ongoing process and yields bigger results over time. But however, If possible we will try to simplify the guest posting process in three steps:-

  • First you need to find websites in your niche that are accepting guest posts.
  • Next, pitch those webistes with relevant topics.
  • If accepted, write the content and get published. That’s it they get content and you get a link or two to drive traffic and it later helps in building your site’s authority too.

19) Write Articles on is an established writing platform founded in 2012. Today, the site generates millions of traffic each month, and there is a community of writers who publish tons of content each day on Medium. The best part here is that anyone can write on Medium. But being said that there are also some added advantages when it comes to writing on Medium:-

  • Medium is a webiste with high domain authority (DA 90+). Hence you have a chance to rank your content through Medium
  • Their community is well-engaged which shows that you can drive clicks through Medium.
  • You can build your own following on Medium by publishing regular content on various publications within Medium and also by gradually reaching more readers you’re going to drive traffic to your website.

20) Use Syndication Services for Your Guest Posts

Syndication is the process of republishing content on third-party sites. If you read articles frequently on Business Insider you would notice that their articles get re-published on multiple other media publications sites. Thus making content reach more people and this ‘re-publishing of the content’ can be called syndication of the content.

Instead of syndicating your website’s own content, you could actually syndicate your guest posts and in fact, some of the websites where you publish guest posts might already be using such syndicating services. Hence in such a case, you don’t need to syndicate your content again. But assuming that most of the websites don’t leverage syndication services then you should try out such services.

21) Use Retail Space to Promote Website Like Flyers, Table Qr

Traditional marketing such as flyers still has its say in 2022 and beyond. Small businesses use flyers as a marketing tool but it is amazing to see how even in this day age flyer advertising is proving to be worthy. If you don’t believe us, then read this case study.

Since we at NinjaOS deal with restaurant clients daily, we have been able to notice that a lot of restaurant business has been using their retail space for effective marketing. One of the recent retail implementations was TableQR where restaurants were promoting their digital presence through the digital menus and were able to drive clicks from there.

22) Start an Email Newsletter

Every time you publish a new blog post, you have to inform your readers about it. But, to do email marketing you need to build an email list. To start collecting emails, either add a subscribe button on your website (or) add a pop-up to collect email ID’s.

Even if your email subscriber list includes a few members, make efforts to create a compelling email marketing campaign to draw more and more people to visit your site and read the blog. 

You can be more “Aggressive” in your approach, in fact, you can get more subscriptions by offering a free ebook (or) a free video course from your end. As your email list grows, you can automate your emails using tons of autoresponders like GetReponse and MailerLite.

23) Launch a Free Online Course

Whether you are a hospitality consulting company or a family law attorney, you can launch a relevant free online course to bring web traffic. We all love free online courses, but you should launch one that is related to your website. For instance, if you are an AWS integration service provider, then you can create an online course that explains everything about AWS. 

Also, instead of launching a course at a premium price. It is better to upload a free course on platforms like Udemy (or) any other course platform where there will be an existing audience for your content. As your course gets more visitors, the more your branding will improve and you will generate referral traffic from the platform.

24) Launch Online Webinars

Use online webinars to bring quality traffic to your business website. In recent years webinars have become an interesting way to engage with your audience and establish brand authority.

With online webinars, a much wider audience base can be reached. Hosting webinars will not need any huge investments, in fact, you can start doing webinars at zero cost by using

25) Get Inspired From Your Competition

If you want to understand what you are up to, then you must need to explore every minor detail about your competition. Assuming that if your competitors are ahead of you then it might be because they’re doing a lot of things right. Hence it is always recommended to notice your competitor’s strategies and take inspiration from them. Firstly to notice what your competitors are doing, you need to do a competitor analysis.

The competitor analysis is often a series of analyses on strategies and tactics implemented by your competitors to figure out the strengths, weaknesses, and USPs of their product/service over you. There are several tools for quick competitive assessment, such as SEMRush, QuickSprout, QuickSprout, Siteliner, and many more. However, some basic SEO metrics that you can keep an eye on would be to:-

  • Keyword rankings
  • Backlink Score of Your Competition
  • Domain Authority
  • Social Media Presence
  • Content strategy

However the above list will go on and on, but here the important thing to do is to understand where your competitors are outperforming you, understand those mistakes, rectify them, and then implement better strategies and techniques than your competitor’s existing strategies.

26) Write Case Studies

Case studies are a great way to ensure your visitors that you have done something. In fact, we can guess that you might have seen at least one guy on social media who has shared someone else’s case study to spread knowledge around that topic.

In general case studies can be shared through multiple channels from social media to emails and often people loving reading amazing case studies. Hence by publishing more case studies you can drive traffic through different sources.

27) Use Your Customer Data to Publish More Content

We are sure that, you might have read multiple studies on the internet based on surveys. Usually, when brands publish such studies they carry out a survey among their own customers, and by doing so they get enough and relevant data to write an amazing piece of article backed by data. Also, such data-backed articles are well-shared on the internet which leads to more traffic.

If you have a growing email list (or) have a good following on social media, then you can carry out your own surveys by asking your readers and followers to take part in a questionnaire, and hence from there on you can collect data and craft an amazing data-biased article which deserves dozens of shares.

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