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Importance Of Responding To Customer Reviews

Have you ever searched your own company’s name with “reviews” written next to it, and read all the things that your customers have to say about your brand? Were you satisfied after you were done with them? Chances of that happening are pretty slim because, as the saying goes “nothing is perfect”, not every customer will have the perfect experience with your brand. However, reviews either good or bad can help your brand boost its engagement and sales inflow if they are being handled the smart way.

One of the major factors that influence a customer to buy from your brand is customer reviews. The online market of the present world is as fierce as it can get in terms of competition, hence the online brands need to understand the concept of the importance of responding to customer reviews more than ever. If you’re willing to know what makes responding to customer reviews a necessity for a brand, continue reading.


It is quite common for brands to only acknowledge the reviews that are made by unhappy customers, and completely ignore happy customer reviews. This is because brands are quick to start defending their brand to maintain their reputation. Although it is a necessary approach, these businesses fail to realize that if they start responding to positive customer reviews as well, not only they can enhance the brand’s reputation but also market their brand at the same time. Moreover, giving importance to happy customers promotes brand loyalty too.


One of the gravest mistakes that brands make these days is not showing gratitude towards the present customers and focusing more on expanding the customer base. There are high chances that such an attitude can make loyal and usual customers feel neglected which impacts greatly on brand loyalty. Yes, hearing the complaints of customers and finding solutions is critical for the growth of a brand but at the same time, giving the loyal customers their due attention and replying to their positive reviews makes them feel important and increases the customer’s lifetime value.


Every single review offers the brand a golden opportunity to enhance the SEO value, which plays an important role in the ranking and exposure of the brand. Whether it’s a positive or a negative review, smart SEOs can incorporate useful keywords when they are responding to the review. E.g a restaurant can reply to a positive customer review like “Thank You so much for taking your time and reviewing our services. We are working day and night to become the best sushi restaurant in Chinatown so that we gain more happy customers like you.” The keywords “best sushi restaurant in Chinatown” will improve the SEO of your brand and help in gaining more customers.

Apart from these, by making time and responding to every kind of customer review, your brand can build the trust and transparency that will attract more customers and skyrocket the revenue for your business.

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