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Corona has caused a global pandemic in the world, with most of the countries under lockdown and others practicing social distancing as much as possible. These measures have affected the restaurant business to a great extent as people cannot be allowed to dine in as it can accelerate spread of the virus to a great extent. Online delivery is probably the only way that is available now to get food through to customers. And to make corona measures even more effective, the option of contactless delivery has now been introduced.

Also, even apart from the pandemic, some people prefer paying online and then the food delivered to their doorstep without any contact at all. So, it is important that restaurants practice this idea. But how? In this article, we will tell you how to effectively implement contactless delivery for your restaurant.

Implementing Contact-less Delivery I Your Restaurant

Add the contactless delivery option

Some customers still wouldn’t mind contact while others are practicing social distancing religiously. So, how to know who wants what? For this purpose, it is imperative that you add a contactless delivery option in your app and also ask the where the rider should place the food and any other instructions that they might have. This way, the customers get what they want while also protecting your staff and riders from any contact. So, it’s a win-win situation!

Stop cash on delivery and implement online payment methods

Due to corona, there is a great risk of transmission and there is risk involved in exchanging paper money and bills. Hence, what your restaurant can do is promote online payments so that there is no exchange of germs and infection this way.

Thoroughly disinfect and sanitize your food packaging and other materials

To avoid any spread of infection, it is important that you sanitize all your food delivery packaging and materials. In addition, do make sure that you also thoroughly wash the utensils.

Do ensure that you also give your riders masks and gloves when they go about their way to deliver food so that they do not catch any harmful infection.

Advertise on social media that you are offering contactless delivery

You have introduced the option of contactless delivery, but you need to let your customers know that so that they order from you. And for that purpose, make use of social media and email to tell the people that they can now request contactless delivery from you. This way, more and more people will know and order from you, increasing your sales and helping your restaurant stay over the top in these tough times.

Take daily temperature of your employees to avoid any transmission and keep your restaurant safe

Protecting your employees and you’re your customers is your responsibility. Also, you could have your employees carry an ID that they are corona free and had their temperature tested. Put up pictures and posters all around your restaurant telling safety measures regarding corona and also conduct sessions to thoroughly explain and educate your staff about all the rules and measures that your restaurant is taking in order to properly combat this situation and to avoid any transmission.

Many restaurants and food apps have started contact-less delivery and if your restaurant is not doing it, now is probably the time to start. So get in touch with NinjaOS to implement your

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