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There is absolutely nothing left that we can’t do on our mobile phones these days, whether it is shopping for clothes, buying grocery or looking for restaurants to dine-in or deliver online to our homes. In this time and age, an online presence for any kind of business is of utmost importance to reach out to maximum target customers and to enhance the overall sales and profits. A restaurant not having its own online food ordering website is at a big disadvantage and might be losing potential customers every day.

To create a responsive and user-friendly food ordering website, a restaurant only needs an expert backend developer to design their website with perfection. Following are some tips on how to make an effective restaurant online food ordering website:


The journey of the customer from the second he/she clicks on your website to the second he/she checks out from it must be simple, easy, and convenient. The complicated layout of the website affects the bounce and exit rate of the website greatly. Keeping the navigation subtle and intuitive will keep the customers hooked to the website, hence, increasing the chances of a purchase.

An ideal online food ordering website will have the following traits:

  • A design that is simple, uncluttered, and only showcasing relevant information about the meals, their prices, and the delivery timings.
  • Concise navigation.
  • Uncomplicated online process. The user is able to comprehend the procedure and does not feel overwhelmed.

The two main ordering mechanism of an online food website is the menu and the ordering platform. It has been estimated that overall 70% of consumers make the decision to buy from a restaurant if they get impressed by the menu and how it is showcased. So, if the restaurant is lacking in attracting the consumers through their menu, then they clearly need to make some changes in their designs.

In addition to this, the layout of the website must be designed in a way that is suitable for all types of screens like laptops, phones, and tablets.


The generation of this era belongs to the extremely impatient lot. Research says if websites take longer than 3 seconds, users exit the website immediately. So, an exemplary food delivery website requires excellent loading speed in order to make the audience stay on the website and engage. Following are some tips to minimize the loading speed of a website:

  • Optimizing videos and pictures by cropping and reducing their sizes.
  • Make sure that the hosted videos do not take up much space that will add to its loading time.
  • Coding from software programs like Javascripts increases the loading time of a website so try to reduce the use of this software when designing a food delivery website for a restaurant.

Incorporating these facts while designing an online food delivery website will make it exceptionally user-friendly, efficient, and fast.

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