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The SaaS point of sale systems have gained a lot of popularity, and nowadays you’ll see every big restaurant incorporate this software for their restaurant ordering system. Everyone has heard about these systems, but do you know what it means?

The SaaS (Software as a service) means a licensed software that works through subscriptions. This software is found on external servers that can be accessed through the internet. The SaaS POS software can be accessed by anyone through an application.

1. Benefits Of The SaaS POS

Recent research has revealed that 25% of fast-food restaurants use SaaS, whereas 35% of other fine dines and almost all food trucks are making use of the software. The POS systems are becoming very popular in the food industry because they are cloud-based. Cloud-based solutions are generally more cost-effective and provide a better experience as compared to their old-school counterparts. Read on to learn several ways the SaaS POS system enhances your operations:

2. Cost-Cutting

The old POS vendors used to charge huge sums of money from any store owner for installing hardware and software. The store owners had to purchase these expensive systems first, and then hire experts who could install and operate them. Moreover, restaurant owners had to pay premium fees for getting their systems updated as well. Conversely, the SaaS POS requires restaurant owners to pay the subscription fee on a monthly or yearly basis to purchase the rights for the application. The only purchase that needs to be made is the mandatory tablet hardware needed to run the software, but overall, the cloud-based POS does not require a lot of space and saves huge costs as compared to the previous traditional systems.

3. Easy To Install

The process of installing SaaS POS is very straightforward, you don’t need technical experts for the job. Even though some vendors do provide their clients with the on-site installation to ensure their customers are satisfied and can start well, you can also do it on your own, following the guidelines provided for connecting the wires setting up the general network. The restaurant owner needs to properly configure the network and proceed by connecting all the hardware: terminals, printers, computers, and other equipment. Once this is done, the owner can download the software on all of their devices and start using it. POS providers have made the installation process very simple and they provide proper guidelines for people who wish to do it on their own.

4. Access Your Software Remotely

The point of sales software can be accessed online with the help of the cloud and therefore you don’t need to be attached to your computer at the restaurant. The restaurant owners have access to all the information and data that is saved in the cloud from any location in the world, at any time.

5. Software Updates Regularly

The traditional POS systems required restaurant owners to purchase software updates and any new features. However, the SaaS POS providers won’t have you waiting for software upgrades, instead, they constantly provide new updates that fix bugs and issues and introduce new features. Unlike old times, the system updates can be downloaded in all the devices connected, instantly.

6. Safe From Data Breaches

The traditional POS had all of their data in one place, typically the main computer. These computers had everything from unencrypted data to customer’s personal information that included credit card details as well, making it all the more vulnerable to data breaches and hacking. Previous years have seen record data breaches that have seen companies lose billions of dollars. Moreover, the back office server could only store limited data for a limited time, so the users of traditional POS systems could only save their customer data for some months and then have it removed.

Since the SaaS POS works through the cloud, it has a rigorous encryption process and this is why sensitive information like credit card details and payment information is not saved in the system. Secondly, due to online hosting, there is no limit to storage space.

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