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How Restaurants Can Reduce Losses During Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus is a great setback for the world, causing most countries to go into lockdown and others to practice social distancing as much as possible. A time like this is hard for everyone, including the restaurant and food business. So, how to maximize profits, minimize losses and get by in these tough times? Here are a few ways!

Coronavirus & Your Restaurant Business

Just because dine in is closed does not mean you can’t deliver!

You do not have to close the restaurants completely as this will badly affect your business and you might suffer losses that are hard to recover even after the lockdown is over. For this reason, it is better to keep your kitchen open and offer deliveries to your customers so that they keep ordering from you. Also, if you keep delivering, your loyal customers will keep ordering from you instead of turning towards some other restaurant, otherwise you run the risk of losing them once the lockdown is over.

Lower the prices!

We know that this is a hard time and profits are already down. But the thing is, your customers are suffering the effects of this global pandemic as well and if you keep your prices high, it is extremely probable that many people will refrain to order from you.

Also, people are willing to pay greater amounts for dine in experiences at some restaurants but not the same amount for takeout. This is because the overall ambience, change of scenery and getting out of the house counts a lot when it comes to the amount that people prefer to pay for something. Hence, if you lower your prices, you are likely to attract more customers and if they like your food, you are likely to make loyal customers even after the lockdown, which is an added bonus!

Make a restaurant online ordering app

To reduce the number of staff and maximize profits, it is advisable for restaurants to open an accessible and appealing restaurant online ordering app, so that the customers can easily order their favorite food through it. With only food delivery available and no dine in opportunities, the phones would be buzzing all the time and its possible that the restaurant staff is unable to cater to the calls of so many customers. Hence, an online ordering app will help greatly to combat this ordeal and help you get your food to maximum customers across your city.

Ensure that all loyal and potential customers know your hygienic and clean practices!

At a time like this, people are greatly scared and paying special importance to hygiene and cleanliness. What you need to do in order to get more customers and thereby greater revenue is ensure clean and hygienic practices at your restaurant and advertise them to the public to enable their trust in your restaurant. Ask your chefs, staff and delivery riders to wear gloves and masks, use sanitizers and wash their hands whenever required and wherever possible. All these practices will ensure you get more orders than restaurants who don’t.

Add other additional security measures

You need to take other measures as well to ensure that your staff does not get sick or you do not have to suffer because of this deadly virus that has taken its toll on almost everything. Some measures are:

  • Check whether your staff is sick and take their temperature on a daily basis
  • Clean and tidy all your equipment with disinfectant
  • Ensure all staff practices social distancing

All these measures will be beneficial to you in reducing losses during this outbreak and help you make the best of the situation in these circumstances.

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