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Acquiring a handful of customers is not an easy task and requires immense strategic marketing tactics that are perfectly planned out and implemented. Continuous marketing and bombardment of promotional emails, advertisements makes the customers overwhelmed, in extreme scenarios customers can go on to permanently unsubscribe or mute notifications. Therefore, marketing personnel should be mindful of the absurd affect it might have and plan on targeting the customers in an effective and efficient way. This marketing tactic slowly and steadily makes place in the eyes and hearts of the customers and help you acquire some of them too. Marketers should always remember that in a market word of mouth spreads faster than wild fire, hence, marketers should be careful on building a positive long term relationship with their existing customers in order to acquire more customers.  Below are listed some of the few marketing techniques that will help you market your own e-commerce website.

7 Ways To Market Ecommerce Website

Spread the word on Social Media

It takes only a fraction of second to connect with people, reach out to new brands and customers. Social media can turn out to extremely vital for marketers; marketers can effectively vitalize the platform as a medium to market their products to the target market globally. Consistent posting and staying aligned with the changing situations can help you to reach out for more customers and increase the views along with the customer interaction.

Pay Per Click Advertisement

Pay per click advertisement; PPC, gives you a clear insight on the traffic your advertisement has managed to acquire. Pay per click is a phenomenon which is used by companies to receive a certain predefined amount on each click the ad gets. This tactic can be used in order to compare and differentiate the impact your ad using pay per click has had, as compared to the traditional sales generating advertisements. To effectively incorporate PPC, you need to work on this tool continuously with continuously evaluating it and making it better than the rest.

Update Google Business Info

It is extremely significant that you keep updating Google about your changing business directions, so that your account aligns with your business objectives and has no vagueness or ambiguity. To update your Google account means to provide Google the appropriate data and information to be shared with potential customers. Though there are few changes that are not acceptable by Google, but majorly they are.  

Add CTA button on your Social Media Platforms

CTA, generally regarded as call to action buttons has proven to be the most effective way of improving customer interaction and engagement in today’s time.  The CTA button allow you to take pertinent action on the relevant post, lets say for example, I like an advertisement and it makes the product look appealing, I can then by clicking on the link provided go on to shop that specific product. This is how adding a CTA button makes greater return on investment and helps in acquiring new customers.

Pop – Up Message and CTA on your website

Pop ups are widely being used to target and convey the message to the customers, though if not it can be quite irritating. Therefore it is very important to effectively incorporate it along with effective CTA linked to the pop ups.

Blast EDM on your Takeaway & Delivery

With technological advancements, email marketing still strives to take the lead. It is found to be the most effective and efficient medium of marketing, with approximately 90% of young adults still being fond of emails and in contrast to that, email marketing having a hefty return of about 26%. Email marketing has other vital benefits too, it makes youo capable to compete with well established and bigger names without having to spend much on the budget. Therefore, this not only gives a run to the existing restaurants but creates brand awareness for themselves in the mind and eyes of the existing and potential customers.

Join all Food Ordering Facebook Group

Social groups are trending in more than anything these days, having connected and being in such groups, creates brand awareness for your brand and hence provides it with exposure. Being a part of such groups also gives you the competitive advantage of engaging with your customers as customers tend to query before trying new menu or restaurants out.

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