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The introduction of restaurant ordering systems has made the life of millions of people easy and convenient. Thanks to modern technology, people can now get their hands on hot and fresh food just by a few clicks on their smartphones. Many busy youngsters, adults, and oldies find it hard to make time for cooking because of the active lifestyle of this fast-paced world. But the presence of on-demand food delivery apps allows bustling consumers to eat delicious and healthy food without the fuss of going out.

Among many other food delivery apps, Food Panda owns a place at the top when it comes to quality food delivery service and choice of restaurants. This on-demand food delivery app is available in about 13 countries across Eastern Europe and Asia. These countries are India, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, Bulgaria, Laos, Pakistan, and Taiwan. The customer base of this food delivery app is international; hence, it competes intensely with other giants in the food market like UberEats, GrubHub, and Postmates.

If, for some reason, Foodpanda is unavailable in a city you’re travelling to. It doesn’t mean you will be deprived of a hot meal. As you can always try other food panda alternatives that also promise excellent food delivery and take-out services to cater to your food dreams. To know about these on-demand food delivery apps, continue reading,

Just Eat:

Just Eat is an international on-demand delivery app that is functional in over 13 countries across the US, UK, Oceania, and Asia. It offers timely delivery of hot and fresh food and provides a list of diverse cuisines. It acts as an aggregator on-demand food delivery app and connects hundreds of customers with their favourite restaurants.


Zomato is an Indian based on-demand food delivery app, offering no-contact delivery to consumers internationally. It has partnered up with 10,000 restaurants all over the world, providing the customers with a wide variety of eateries and cafes. As of now, Zomato is functional in 24 countries like India, Australia, Belgium, Singapore, Lebanon, Turkey, the USA, UK, and so on.

Door Dash:

DoorDash is one of the biggest competitors in the food market, offering its services in 300 countries across the UK, USA, and Canada. This on-demand food delivery app claims to be partnered with 300,000 restaurants. Customers are more likely to find all their favourite eateries on this app and get their food delivered hot and fresh right on their doorstep.


Deliveroo is an exceptional alternative to Food panda. It is based in London and is active in about 500 cities across 14 countries. These countries include Italy, Australia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Kuwait, Taiwan, Singapore, and the UK. Deliveroo has a partnership with 80,000 restaurants, and so, it offers a lot of different cuisines to customers. That is why it is now becoming one of the big competitors of big names like Uber Eats and GrubHub.

You should try one of these Foodpanda alternatives if you want to enjoy a quality experience and good food.

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