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Say, you lost a bet with your siblings and now you’re the one who has to order food. That, or you’re home alone and you have to order food for yourself or your friends that are coming over soon. There are a handful of situations that bring us to the point of dilemma. When we are standing with our phones in our hands and wondering what to order, or how to order. Sometimes, we feel too nervous to order manually or are just indecisive. That is why, once upon a time, a social angel from God developed the concept of food delivery apps. Since then, the food delivery management system has become much easier, for the restaurant and the customer both. But if we put food delivery apps VS manual ordering, which one is better? Let us compare.

#1 Customer’s Comfort In Ordering:

Though some people don’t mind just picking up their phone, dialing the restaurant’s number, and placing their order. Voila, that’s it for them. But many people are not too comfortable with having to talk on a call and order, especially the socially anxious ones. For them, food delivery apps are a comfort so that they can easily decide and place their order without facing any phone calls.

#2 Decision-Making Time For Customer:

Surely one can’t be expected to make a decision so quickly when there are so many items on the menu. The menu exists for a reason. Additionally, asking the agent to rattle off the entire menu might not be an ideal choice for many. Food delivery apps make the food order management system much easier so that the customer can take their time and order when they’re sure.

#3 Variety Of Items For Customer:

The customer doesn’t remember the entire menu and often don’t have a pamphlet or brochure that lists the menu for them. The good thing about food delivery apps is that the variety of items is right there so that the customer can browse through it for as long as they want and place their order when they’re ready.

#4 Option For Pre-Ordering:

Sometimes, people need to place orders for an upcoming event catering to a large number of people. Since a large amount of food cannot be prepared at the moment, many food order management systems offer the option for pre-ordering. When the customer is satisfied after browsing the food varieties to their heart’s content, they can press the “pre-order” option and relax.

The real judge of food delivery VS manual ordering is the customer’s own choice and comfort, really. Food delivery apps are a smart method of sophisticating and improving the restaurant’s food order management system. Ninja OS is the platform you need to visit if you need a food delivery app designed for your restaurant in a customer-friendly design. NinjaOS specializes in crafting apps for restaurants that want to step up their food order management system and present a compact version of their services under the customer’s fingertips.

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