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These days, F&B business competition is fierce, and with the infinite number of brick and mortar stores and online shops popping up on the web, it’s difficult to get noticed, let alone stand out. That’s why we’re going to discuss some vital information, social media marketing strategy and consistency to make sure you not only survive, but thrive in this online business community. 

Google’s one of the most popular sites on the web, and you have a local business. So how come you’re not getting more customers and more traffic from Google? Perhaps you’re not doing it right. 

Here’s how to properly market your local business online.

First, Google one of those localised search charms in your region. You will notice is that  there’s a map at the top, and then there’s going to be three listings. That’s called local pack, and as you will notice, there’s always a map, and there are always three listings. Not five or six, but three listings. You want to be in there. So the first thing you need to do is set up Google My Business. 

When you do Google My Business and you put in your corporate information, you’re much more likely to get placed there. And within there, you also need to put in the proper name, address, and telephone number. By putting in the right name, address and phone number and making that data consistent around the whole web, whether that’s on yelp or your own website, you’re much more likely to rank. 

The next thing you need to do is to optimise your site for local SEO. Beneath that, all those map listings, you will see, normal organic listings. It’s great if you’re there, you can also take double the spots. How? Make sure that you’re using localised terms on your website. Put your address on your website, your company name, and your phone number. All of that helps. But don’t just do that in one webpage, you have to make sure it’s also there on your contact page, location page, and on every major page that talks about your business, such as your menu pages. By doing that, you’re gonna rank way higher. Then, go all the way to the chamber of commerce in your city and ask what other businesses are with the inner space. Find out if you can be mentioned by the chamber of commerce. Frequently they promote businesses within your city. So ask them to link to your site. The more links you generate from sites within your region, the higher you’re gonna rank. 

The third thing you want to do is improve your click through rates. Just because someone sees your business listing, doesn’t mean they’re going to click on over to your website. So if you want to improve your click through rate, the first thing you need to do is click on more reviews. When people come into your store, ask them to review it. The more reviews you get, the higher the chances that people will come and click through. The next thing you need to do is schema markup. By using schema markup it gives Google all the data of your localised business. Google has an entire page about schema markup and discusses how to use that code. Or if you have a WordPress website you can use the Yoast SEO plugin and they’ll add schema markup to your site automatically. 

The fourth thing you need to do is not to rely SOLELY on Google. There’s a lot of other localized sites. Yelp is really popular in the US, and tripadvisor is really popular around the world. Make sure you’re in these sites. You’re encouraging good reviews- manage them. If people are unhappy figure out why they’re unhappy. Make sure that’s taken care of within your product or service. By doing all these things you’re gonna keep getting new reviews. And with the more reviews you get around the web, the more people are likely to show up. The more people who show up, the more money you make. 

Use Social Media Hacks

You may be on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, but are you even generating sales from these social networks? Most likely you’re not. Here are some of the best social media hacks to help your F&B business grow faster. 

TIP 1: Respond to Comments. Facebook values a comment, more than they value a like. Same thing with Linkedin, and Instagram. They’re harder to do for people, so when they comment, it shows that these platforms and these social sites that your content is good. So when someone leaves a comment, respond to these comments. And don’t just answer the comment, encourage them, by also asking a question in your response. This way not only do you get more comments, but it’s also a good way to keep your momentum going. Thus, your post is more likely to get viral on these social sites. 

TIP 2. Keep your sentences short. Keep your sentences short on Linkedin. For your profile for instance, use only one or two short sentences, then you need to click a see more link. You have to do that with Linkedin, because with more people clicking on see more, the more viral you’re content is going to become on Linkedin. This tells Linked that people wanna see more and that they like your content. This encourages them to show it to more people and get you more traffic. 

TIP 3. Be social. Every once in a while to share something that doesn’t talk about your business. Something that helps people and give value. This creates so much more engagement because you’re not driving people away from the site. And remember, they want to keep people on Facebook, they want to keep people on Linkedin. And then when you respond to comment on your page it boosts the authority of your page, your profile, that way, when you share more stuff, relating to your business, you’re going to get more overall authority, and your profile authority is going to be way higher. 

Tip 4. Leverage stories on Instagram and Facebook.

Share stories multiple times a day not just one or two stories but like 10, even 12. You can also help people to swipe up while you’re telling stories. It gets so much more engagement. That way you’ll get more downloads, conversions and sales. 

Tip 5. Cross sell your profile. Tell your twitter fans to follow you on facebook. Then askl your FB fans to follow you on twitter. tell your fans on twitter to follow you on linkedin or twitter or instagram. Do this vice versa on all your social media platforms. By cross promoting it gives you a higher chance for your new stuff to be seen. 

Tip 6. use exit pop up. This is one of the highest converting things you can do. If people are going to leave your site, you might as well create that last ditch effort to get them to convert. Don’t do this on mobile, it’s better if you just use this for desktop. If you want to do it on mobile, wait at least thirty seconds before you show it, because it’s too hard to detect when they’re going to leave your site. You can ask them to follow you on Facebook, to follow you on Instagram, whether its a desktop or mobile. And you can do this for free by using

Tip 7. Use a test out video. That’s why Netflix is paying so much on paid content. Everyone including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and all those social sites want that video content. You’re going to get more engagement, and on your videos, you can promote your business. 

Make Sure Your F&B Business Is Good Enough to Sell

Starting a booming business selling food products is no joke. First, you need to make sure that what you are offering will appeal to your customers and be profitable. Don’t be afraid to pass around samples so you can gauge customer’s reactions and have a better idea how your products will be received. Needless to say, you have to make sure you have sufficient budget to see you through. You might also need to pitch your ideas about your products to banks or investors if you wish to have some additional funding. There are a lot of expenses that need to be considered when you are requesting for a certain amount. 

Discovering NinjaOS

Customers have already evolved, and are discovering F&B joints online instead of strolling around. They want it delivered fast, no fuss. Or maybe they want it up and ready for pickup, order then pay without having to wait. They also want to be notified on promotions via email or social media, without the need for flyers. This is the case because they are always on line. 

NinjaOS bridges the gap by making it possible for F&B outlets to get their food and brand online and let customers make the choice whether or not to place an order. This makes it possible for F&B joints to get business and customer insights to optimise and come up with better marketing and promotions. This keeps F&B outlets ahead in their game and yet let them do what they’re cut out to do.

NinjaOS VS FoodPanda

Based on a survey across restos all over the globe, more than 80% of online orders via Food listing portals like Foodpanda come from repeat customers who are already loyal patrons to the restaurant’s brand and love their food. 

Thus, there is absolutely no reason why you have to give away your hard earned profits from these repeat clients. Take advantage with the Foodpanda alternative today. NinjaOS not only lets customers order directly from you, it also allows you to request food delivery efficiently across their delivery partners. 

There are no commissions involved. There’s no need to utilize Foodpanda in order to get orders from 1.5km to 3.5km radius when 85% of your customers already know your brand and are aware they can easily order directly from you. NinjaOS will create your mobile app and website, allowing your customers to order with you directly for Dine In, Delivery, Takeaway, Catering and Reservations- without the hefty commissions. 

A delivery team is also not an issue. You have the choice of using your own riders/drivers, or, you can use NinjaOS integrated delivery partners to deliver your orders to your customers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a single or bulk order-they has you covered. 

Get a solid grip on your brand and gain more customers. Take full control of your F&B business with NinjaOS giving you full assistance from getting your own ordering site  and brand and URL to accept your first order. NinjaOS lets you interact with customers directly which promotes better customer service, asking for future updates with your food joint, promos, and new items that will come up on your menu. 


Everyone starts out an F&B business with good intention and a successful vision. Thus, it’s important to enhance your traditional marketing and PR vehicles, including TV, radio, print, SEO, direct mail, email, and press releases. In short, social media is most powerful when you have multiple marketing tools working for you. 

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