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Black Friday and Cyber Mondays are two of the biggest shopping days for people who choose to buy and sell online. Fortunately, the days are approaching!

The Global pandemic might have heavily disturbed several businesses, however, the E-commerce industry has seen a steep ascending hike in terms of revenue this year. This is mainly because people were forced to operate from home. Now, with these sale events approaching, we’re all expecting some very amazing deals this November.

Black Friday used to be a one-day event, but due to its great success, retailers started extending this sale event to approximately one week to a month. In some regions, these sales last for the whole month of November, but in most cases, it starts from the last Friday of November and carries on for the next four days, and subsequently, ends on Monday- which is also known as Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday has also become a top-trend recently.

Let’s talk about how Black Friday is different from Cyber Monday, and which sale day will be best for you.

All About Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Speaking of Black Friday; typically, Black Friday comes right after thanksgiving and this is when the holiday shopping season kicks off. Black Friday is all about retailers and shop owners offering amazing discounts and deals that will attract even those customers who remain skeptical about online shopping throughout the year! Black Friday is now adopted by all businesses now, be it online or the bricks and mortars. But mainly it’s an online shopping phenomenon. Every year we see, the enormous growth in sales revenues on Black Fridays, but this year, the expectations are even greater because Covid-19 has made social distancing the new norm, and therefore, buyers aren’t yet ready to head to stores and malls.

The other important sale day is Cyber Monday, which falls on the Monday right after Thanksgiving. The term Cyber Monday originated from the US and its purpose was to promote and entice people towards online shopping in the early 2000s. Cyber Monday was brought into practice to support new online retailers who were finding it hard to compete with the giants in the industry, but the big businesses jumped in the bandwagon, too, making it almost similar to Black Friday where every single business puts up amazing discounts and deals.

However, there are some notable differences between the two monster sale days, which are important to know before you kick off your buying game.

The Differences Between Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Well, the most basic and obvious difference is the dates (joke intended), but the major difference is that Black Friday is now adopted by everyone who sells anything. Online retailers, hybrid shops (also called bricks and clicks), or the bricks and mortars (stores that only have a physical presence), all businesses make use of Black Friday deals, whereas Cyber Mondays are solely conducted by online retailers.

Although, both the sale days have an abundance of amazing tech deals, there are many examples where you’ll find waiting for cyber Monday to be more worth-while than spending all of what you have on black Friday, for instance:

  • If you’re into fashion more than technology, you’ll find some retailers who’ll offer better deals and discounts on Cyber Monday, making it worth the
  • Cyber Monday, over the years, has also proven to be great for small appliances, so for instance, if you’re looking to buy kitchen appliances and utensils, you should hold off till Monday.
  • As mentioned above, Black Friday deals are mostly stretched till Cyber Monday, offering four whole days of fantastic deals for shoppers, so retailers mostly drop their prices even further till Monday, especially for products that don’t sell too quickly.
  • However, if you see a product you like, available on a Black Friday deal, and it’s fulfilling all your requirements, it’s better to not wait till Monday for further reductions because you never know when a product will run out of stock.

The Best Deals For Cyber Monday This Year, 2020

Cyber Monday deals offer hot items at discounted prices, every year. Considering how, in the past few months, the purchasing powers of everyone around the world were negatively affected due to the coronavirus, we can expect many people jumping in to avail the cyber Monday deals this year.

Last year, we saw huge shrinks in the prices of apple accessories like Airpods, Samsung accessories like Galaxy buds, and various other electronics. Similarly, we can expect even better deals this year on the same items since they are one year old now. Moreover, cyber Monday is also a great opportunity to purchase kitchen utensils and appliances. Last year, we witnessed how the well-renowned companies offered massive discounts on Coffee making machines, microwave ovens, washing machines, pressure cookers, and other small utensils used in the Kitchen. The same pattern is expected this year, as well.

Gadgets and tech items like TVs, laptops, cameras, and mobile phone prices drop significantly too, on cyber Mondays. If you’re looking to find these items online, Amazon is one of the best places to be on Cyber Mondays.

How To Prepare For The Two Mammoth Sale Days This Year?

As the saying goes; failing to plan is planning to fail. That being the case, if you want to avail amazing discounts and deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you must plan it out. See what things you want to buy, and which stores are offering the best discounts and are most reliable in terms of quality and after-sales service.

An effective strategy is to make a wish list for yourself, put the items that you prioritize the most on top of the list, and proceed by listing down all the things you’re looking for this November. For instance, if you’re into gaming and you own a Playstation 4, you might be looking for the latest version of FIFA or a good quality joystick that complements your console.

Most of the stores will post about their Black Friday or Cyber Monday plans before the sale date. Therefore, you can have a look at them to make your wish list.

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