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Best Restaurant Review Sites of 2020

From service to a restaurant online ordering system, reviews help you confirm all of these. That helps you make the rightly decided choice for your next dine-in experience. For trusted restaurant reviews, check out these best restaurant review sites of 2020.

#1 Yelp:

Though Yelp is not only for restaurants, you can find many reviews for restaurants on this website. Yelp houses reviews for a ton of extensions like businesses, shops, supermarkets, and so many more including restaurants. According to research and analysis, the number of unique users that Yelp receives every month is a whopping figure of over 178 million.

#2 Facebook:

With its more than an impressive number of 76 million users every month, Facebook stands as a market giant in terms of reviews. From restaurants to businesses to every other service, common patrons like to post their reviews and experience online to reach many people as well as the owner of the service.

#3 Trip Advisor:

If you are planning your travels to a certain place and are looking for a trusted website to give you reviews about the place, its restaurants, hotels, and all other specialties, then Trip Advisor is the perfect answer. Trip Advisor is your all-in-one stop to all these questions.

#4 Open Table:

Open Table is a platform where you can satisfy yourself in terms of restaurant reviews with over 400,000 reviews in total. Not only that but you can also make restaurant reservations through this website. So, for your next restaurant online ordering system, make sure to read up on your chosen restaurant on Open Table so you can make the right choice.

#5 Zagat:

Started in 1979 as a print guide for restaurants and dining, Zagat was turned into a free online website after being purchased by Google in the year 2011. Zagat is now a website on which you can find restaurant reviews for free. Here you can find reviews about the selected restaurant’s food, ambiance, decoration, and service.

#6 Foursquare:

When it comes to a restaurant review platform where you can find reviews by common restaurant visitors or qualified food critics simultaneously, Foursquare is the answer. From food, décor, atmosphere, and service, Foursquare provides a complete answer to all your queries regarding a certain restaurant. Containing over 75 million guide tips, you will surely be assured and find the perfect restaurant for you.

#7 Gayot:

Gayot is the fancy one among all other restaurant review websites. It works on a skilled and certified team of food and restaurant critics along with travel specialists to bring to you the finest reviews about an area.

#8 Google My Business:

One can’t deny the high and wide reach of Google. Being a monstrously popular search engine, Google holds tones of reviews and guides to restaurants. Find all that you need to know about a registered restaurant on Google My Business.

These wide-reaching websites will inform you of everything that you need to know before selecting a restaurant. From restaurant online ordering system to atmosphere to location, find all that you need on these best restaurant review sites of 2020.

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