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You’re probably thinking “We’re in the food and beverage business. Why are we thinking of ECommerce holiday marketing tips?”

For one, F&B depends heavily on marketing, and we’re not too different from any other commercial establishment. However, we specialise in food — this is our unique characteristic. It does have its respective set of marketing and advertising techniques, but in the end, it is the same — we intend to sell to the customers regardless of products or services.

Therefore, it pays to know the best ECommerce holiday marketing tips that can bring in more customers this Christmas. Most people check out online stores — including online ordering and delivery platforms — to serve food on the table during parties, events prior to Christmas, and even Christmas Eve sometimes! Here are seven effective tips that will get your website up and gaining more traffic than ever this December!

An ‘Easy’ Website

If you’re looking for food, you’re not going to use Facebook’s search engine. It will only limit your choices within the website. However, you’ll most definitely use Google or other search engines to find what you need.

It’s the same for people looking for F&B websites; they’re going to use the same search engines. True enough, each search engine has a different set of algorithms that prioritise one search engine result over the other. However, most of them can agree on the following requirements for top page results (so be sure to use them). 

Fast Loading Speeds

Let’s put ourselves in the customers’ shoes. We’re looking for new cookware to replace the aging one in the restaurant. Using Google, we’ve found an exceptional manufacturer with decades of experience distributing top-quality cookware. However, their website doesn’t load after we refreshed it three times going on five.

Immediately, you’re going to want to skip to the next website regardless of the achievements and impressive products the first manufacturer we saw has. However, it is unlikely that the first search engine result wouldn’t load fast — Google and other search engines always prioritise websites with fast loading speeds. So, make sure to have your handy website management team to keep an eye out for your website’s loading speed. 

Easy Navigation

One of the most invaluable ECommerce holiday marketing tips is to make sure customers can find what they’re looking for swiftly from your website. Luckily, F&B websites have smaller inventories than dedicated ECommerce websites. Therefore, presenting an appetising virtual menu complete with prices, subtotals, and total check-out amount makes for easy navigation.

There’s no need to add extra animations or clicking actions — in fact, it pays to avoid anything unnecessary. A straightforward menu with easy check-out and payment facilities lessens the customer’s possible confusion and introduces a truly astounding online ordering experience convenient for them during the tedious but enjoyable festivities of the holidays.

Totally Intuitive

A well-optmised website user experience focuses on the customers’ intuition rather than going with your first design ideas. True enough, customers will have encountered similar F&B-style websites with online ordering facilities. In fact, the best ones are the greatest references you can use for your brand.

Here’s how it will work: you can test multiple designs for navigation using a small sample of would-be customers. Some of your website navigation and aesthetics can use top-performing F&B websites and their respective designs as references. In doing so, you can have a website that is fully intuitive and seamless to the customer’s experience.

Search Engine Optimisation For ECommerce Websites

SEO or search engine optimisation isn’t just for the usual websites. It’s actually one core aspect of many successful holiday ECommerce strategies. Focusing on long-term recognition and ranking rather than immediate top-level results through artificial search engine advertising, search engine optimisation is a slow but sure way to improve your ECommerce visibility.

It’s true that its positive results aren’t apparent immediately after 1-2 months of campaign implementation. However, with continuous testing and a results-oriented approach to SEO changes and adjustments, you will definitely get higher rankings progressively until you’ve reached your oal and continue to maintain it.

In the case of ECommerce websites, here are a few SEO strategies that can elevate your website visibility almost immediately.

Unique Dish Descriptions

Dishes have their respective tastes. However, audiences interested in them cannot taste or smell them through pictures and videos. By using excellent and well-written food descriptions that detail the feeling and mood customers will feel after consumption, you create an enticing feeling that piques the interest of customers to try it.

If you’re offering dishes similar to other competitors, don’t copy and paste their descriptions to your own menu. Remember, the language, aesthetic, and overall communicative approach you use affects customers in many ways. In addition, unique content descriptions ensure you rank well with search engine algorithms. 

Clear Function and Usability of Promotions

One particular tenet of SEO that encompasses many holiday ECommerce strategies for improving website visibility is to make sure your website gets regular updates. For example, the very first section of this article talked about how to improve your website for the sake of customer retention. Doing these guidelines actually improves your search engine rankings because of remarkable UI and lower bounce rates (or customers going to the next search engine result after yours).

Clear function of navigation, menu links, pulldown or hover pulldown menus, and other web design elements and principles improves customer retention, which reduces bounce rates. Apart from the SEO side of things, clear descriptions help in easy navigation and implementation of promotional materials especially if you’re catering to technologically-challenged customers. 

Excellent Photos of Your Dishes and Venue

ECommerce websites focus on one important thing: excellent imagery. You buy items from a store because they look great when you see and touch them. Alternatively, you order dishes because they look and smell great. When looking at items from your website, customers become enticed if they find your photos starring your menu items to be tempting and delicious altogether.

It’s important to invest in great imagery, so don’t skimp on hiring a professional food photographer or be lax in practicing your skills in shooting and editing. Having bad lighting makes your food look really bad even if many customers who have eaten and reviewed the dish say otherwise.

Email Marketing

How can content and email marketing campaign be a part of excellent and effective holiday ECommerce strategies? Firstly, people search the Internet to find excellent content. Second, people want to know your latest offers — remember, they won’t be subscribing to your content if they didn’t find it useful and interesting in the first place.

However, email marketing isn’t just packing your latest content and sending it to customers on a whim. Some aren’t interested in looking at dishes they’ve already tasted and ordered in the last week. This is definitely where drip campaigns, customer journey, and understanding what is and isn’t helpful content come into play.

Analyse Your Customer’s Journey With Your Brand

In Ecommerce, a customer’s journey is one where they explore everything the brand has to offer in stages. First, they’ll arrive at your landing page and have their initial questions answered. Next, they’ll be browsing your menus and thinking of the best dishes to order as per reviews. 

The third stage is when they get food using your online delivery system. The last two is being a brand advocate because they found your brand to have the best-tasting dishes. The loyalty stage is when they’re encouraged to always order from your restaurant because you have excellent and consistent quality. 

By knowing where your clients stand in this area, you can definitely send the right content through drip campaigns, which we will explain in the next section.

‘Drip’ Campaigns

In email marketing strategies, drip campaigns refer to brands creating respective lists for customers depending on their customer journey stages. As we mentioned earlier, customers go through awareness, consideration, conversion, advocacy, and loyalty. Drip campaigns can work in this manner: you’ve found that your customer browsed and even added to cart your experimental dishes. You can then send them emails regarding your newest dishes worth trying, and they’ll likely want to order it too. 

Integrate Your Social Media Campaigns

Social media is the most cost-effective and proven way to get your brand and even photos of your dishes viral. Traditional Ecommerce websites often face limitations when using social media, but some brands do get lucky especially when they’re offering unique or top-of-the-line products at sale prices. 

Integrating social media campaigns is one of the most important holiday Ecommerce strategies that can improve your site traffic. There are a few powerful ways to do this.

Use PPC Sparingly But Effectively

PPC or pay-per-click campaigns are a service by Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels. It often appears with a “sponsored” or “ad” label right next to the post. These allow your brand to reach the top newsfeeds of many would-be guests interested greatly in your brand. 

It’s easy to get lured into PPC because of its cost-efficiency especially with image-centric posts, which are often the preferred content from F&B businesses. However, it pays to use them sparingly. For example, running a paid campaign throughout the holiday months is better than running a full year campaign — that can tear through your entire funding and inflate your expenses. 

Blast Your Promotions Through All Channels

Make sure to create accounts on all possible social networks. Many customers want to find you in different channels. Therefore, in all holiday seasons, make sure to always promote your brand through PPC and maintain consistency in posting. In doing so, you can efficiently use social media to raise awareness and drive traffic to your website.

Highlight The Best Reviews About Your Dishes On Your Landing Page

The best driver of traffic to websites isn’t any SEO, effective email campaign, or even social media. Its referrals you receive from customers. In fact, if a friend referred a customer to try a dish you serve, there’s a 99% chance this referral will order food from you.

Once you deliver an excellent experience, they’ll definitely want to rate your food highly. ECommerce websites use the same strategy: allow customers to rate their food. In fact, it is helpful because it helps you highlight the best dishes on your site and make them potential bestsellers too.

Be Accessibly Visible

Don’t plan on having a website that looks terrible on mobile. Google and other search engines have lowered the rank of non-mobile responsive websites in 2015, and it’s still ongoing nowadays. Therefore, make sure your restaurant design — including the menu items, overall aesthetics, and interface friendliness — stays accessible, visible, and easy to navigate.  

Have Your Customer Data Remarketing Campaigns At The Ready

Lastly, remarketing is one of the most powerful holiday ECommerce strategies you can use especially in social media PPC. Remarketing or retargeting uses a simple yet greatly efficient principle: they collect data from visitors from your website (through cookies, which they need to accept before they fully navigate your webstie). Then, based on the items and dishes they’ve viewed, you can run a paid advertisement that shows them the items they’ve only recently viewed.

There’s a 70% chance they would reconsider buying your dish especially if you’ve timed it right that they’re hungry or willing to try something new. Retargeting is one way you can definitely get more than just traffic to your website, but profit from them too. 

Maximise Your Website Traffic by Using These 7 Handy ECommerce Marketing Tips!

Improving your website visibility this holiday season shouldn’t be very difficult. If you can follow all these seven holiday ECommerce strategies, you can definitely get maximum visibility and gain maximum profitability, brand development, and huge ROI.

If you’re wondering how you can optimise your website and online ordering facilities in the best possible manner, we can definitely help you. You can drop us a line at to learn more today.

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