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The concept and existence of online delivery systems for businesses are here to stay and it is here to stay for a long time. With technology looming over our heads in every step of our lives, now more than 80% of the population is comfortable with ordering food online and enjoying it in the comfort of their homes. Especially, at times where the pandemic of Covid-19 has forced restaurants to deliver off-premises services and online delivery services, it has become vital to have an in-house online delivery system for the restaurants to maintain their sales and boost their revenue. Following are the top 5 reasons why designing an in-house online delivery system is a great decision:


The most important reason why every restaurant should own an in-house online delivery system is because of the complete ownership of the profits they make on each order, as most third-party applications ask for commission ranging from 25-35% per sale. The online ordering system will cut off major spending in the long run as once the software is designed it doesn’t need much maintenance.


A customer has a lot of options when he/she is skimming through a third-party app hence, it is possible that a competitor may overshadow your restaurant and make you lose a potential customer. With an in-house online delivery system, you will provide your customer with an exclusive and customized experience. Moreover, you will also have complete authority to change or modify the menu, or any other feature according to the need of the hour.


Controlling the process of taking orders and delivering them on time has a huge impact on brand reputation and brand loyalty. Depending upon a third-party app to process the orders and trusting them with the reputation of your restaurant, often leads to bad reviews and affects the sales of the restaurant. With you in control of everything, there are minimum chances of customers feeling dissatisfied with your services.


With an in-house online delivery system, the restaurant directly engages with the customer. Dealing with customer demands and queries one-to-one, restaurants get direct insight into what needs more working and improvement. Furthermore, through an in-house delivery software, loyal customers can be rewarded with gift cards and vouchers ensuring more sales for the restaurant.


Third-party apps cater hundreds of restaurants, due to which high competition generates among them. But an in-house online delivery system offers individuality and bypasses competition really well as the restaurant’s software is only focused on a single theme. This way you promote your brand through your own designed platform which enhances brand loyalty and uplifts the revenue for the restaurant.

Restaurants opting towards designing their own in-house online delivery system experience increased sales and make much more revenue than those restaurants going for third-party apps. Therefore, every restaurant must look into constructing an in-house online delivery system.

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