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The food industry is the kind of industry that feeds on innovation and creativity. When the emergence of food delivery apps came around in the nineties, it was still a foreign concept. The journey of the food delivery apps from being such a novelty to now being a multimillion-dollar industry is truly magical. The food delivery apps seem like an unstoppable force creating more innovative, better, and effective ideas to improve the delivery services by using features like geolocation, high street restaurant delivery services, and order tracking.

The following are the 5 food delivery trends that you need to look out for in 2020.


This new trend of allowing restaurants to update their menu right away and letting the customers know if the restaurants have run out of certain products has enhanced the customer experience of many restaurants that offer online delivery through individual food delivery apps or are a part of third-party delivery apps.

Customers want a streamlined experience, where they are not bothered by order updates that are not good news. The ability to update the menus in real-time improves the brand loyalty of the restaurant and makes sure the customers are happy with the food as well as the delivery service.


Personalization is one of the most important aspects of successful social marketing. The food delivery app allows the restaurant to save the data of their customers, which makes personalization of the app tailored to the different individual customers possible.

If a loyal customer is fond of burgers, the app will automatically tailor the app in a way that the customer will come across more different burgers that he/she may like to try. Personalization for target customers ensures greater sales and boosts revenue.


The use of push notifications to alert the customers about their orders or when their courier is near is a norm, but sending personalized push notification by taking the name of the customer around dinner time to attract the target audience is a new trend. Push notifications are being used by food delivery apps to alert consistent customers to try their vouchers or a new dish that they have just launched to drive up sales and to sustain the customer base of the restaurant.


Virtual restaurants are also known as delivery-only restaurants only have an online source to connect with their customers but their kitchens have a physical existence. In short, they do not offer dine-in facilities. This trend spread like fire when Uber Eat started its visual restaurant recently and it was a complete success.


Artificial intelligence has made the penetration of visual and augmented reality in the world of food delivery apps possible. Now, customers are able to virtually enjoy the dishes from the app’s menu and have an insight into what really the restaurant is offering before even ordering the food.

With these exciting and new trends, one can truly enjoy the best of the food delivery apps.

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