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2020 Dining and Food Delivery Trends in Singapore

Singapore is one of the world’s countries with the fastest-evolving technology and culture. There’s no doubt that Singapore is also leading in the food and beverage industry. We’ve seen numerous innovations in the F&B industry last decade. As we depart from 2010, the main takeaway we’ve seen is the Internet’s dominance when it came to presenting, marketing, and setting the customer’s perception of an establishment’s dining experience and food delivery trends.

What’s in store for the F&B industry in the coming years? One, the Internet will remain a prominent force when it comes to F&B advertising and marketing strategies. In addition, food and beverage is evolving from just consumables to full-fledged flagship brands in the same vein as smartphones are to their manufacturers. 

Next, more food producers must be conscious of the organic ingredients and properties of their ingredients. With less processed food and more natural ingredients included in dishes, it’s more likely the food’s popularity will definitely increase with many Singaporeans who wish to eat healthier and fitness-oriented food.

Here are nine food delivery trends we believe will take shape in Singapore this 2020 and for years to come. While these aren’t fully accurate, the speculations come from circumstantial evidence that leads towards the following possible results that can become popular in the near future.


Food as an Experience

Today, eating outside is more than just a culinary experience and a feast for the tongue. However, it doesn’t mean that everything is fine dining. The smallest things will have a huge domino-like effect on ensuing dining activities that often achieve an entertaining or exhilarating result. For example, dining reservation apps that offer great convenience and even entertaining bonuses adds to the trend that dining outside is focused on experiences rather than just consuming the food itself.



All Organic

It has been the trend before, and it still remains strong to this day. With more Singapore millennials having better purchasing power and having better consciousness of their health, the need for minimally-processed organic food continues will continue to increase this 2020. More consumers are reading nutrition labels, tracking their food consumption, and asking waitstaff about the organic content of the dishes their establishments serve. Establishments will do well catering to the progressively health-conscious crowd with ingredients that help them feel safe.



Singaporeans live a hectic lifestyle focused on career and family. Therefore, it’s not every day they can eat outside or even cook their own meals. In 2020, the meal delivery service and online kitchen services will definitely see further growth due to its increasing demand in the country. While fast-food chains have always provided the means to deliver food, the focus and demand for healthy but interesting dishes will remain high in 2020.



Food and Beverage Personalisation

Part of 2020’s top dining and food delivery trends are experiences, which are now on the top of the list than having food that is exquisite, satisfying, and unique. Given this focus on experience, it’s important to assume that personalisation and expressing one’s own identity will play an important role when it comes to marketing, advertising, and introducing a great experience to diners. For example, chefs that share their signature dishes impart an expression of their identity to their guests.

On the other hand, allowing diners to customise their meals from named dishes, build-your-own using random ingredients, and other unique personalisation culinary experiences. Another example is Airbnb’s introduction to experience packages that can show the culinary and cultural identity of the vacation spot.


F&B Sustainability and Traceability

With environmentally-conscious diners frequenting F&B casual and fine dining establishments, knowing where their meat and ingredients come from greatly encourages diners to eat without guilt and issue. However, it isn’t just in these aspects. Diners find it worthy to eat in establishments that use environmentally-friendly products such as paper cups and plates, wooden dining utensils, plates, and furniture, and others. Sustainability and traceability is an imminent emerging dining trend everyone should watch out for.



Heavy Reliance on Digital Media and Marketing

There is no denying that the Internet has changed the balance of marketing and advertising different brands. The same is true for F&B casual and dining businesses. The internet has made it possible for the most unique and satisfying experiences to have a channel where they can be broadcast and used as a genuine, realistic marketing tool to attract buyers effectively. Experts expect that social media, online review websites, and video marketing to play a huge role in establishing and disrupting the food industry’s established brands this year.


Custom Online Food Delivery Platforms

It’s never easy to rapidly improve your food systems if you have no control over every data about your customers that pours in from different channels and outreach networks. By 2020, dependence on third-party online food delivery platforms such as Grabfood, Ubereats, Deliveroo, and other dominating online delivery services will see some restaurants shift away from their services and use online customised delivery systems catered to their needs.



More Virtual Kitchens

Social media has proven to be a worthy avenue of endorsing brands even without a physical location. In fact, this development has become increasingly popular as more people have become concerned with restaurants and F&B establishments if they’re using natural and organic ingredients in meals. Most virtual kitchens make for an easy startup because anyone with a kitchen and knowledge on nutrition and organic food can immediately have an F&B business with a possible immediate rise if they achieve excellent word of mouth marketing.


Be Ready For The Competition This Coming Year!

With this knowledge in hand, you’re definitely well-equipped to handle the challenges and possible advantages this year can bring to you. Technology and the Internet will remain playing a huge role for the industry because people will continue seeking information about food and beverage ingredients all F&B establishments from renowned restaurants to upcoming virtual kitchens. On the other hand, businesses will be looking for new avenues to obtain data, which gives online restaurant management and delivery platforms a bigger role for 2020. Make sure you’re always ready.


If you need a custom online solution to adjust to the upcoming food delivery service trends, we might have that particular design and platform that can work to your advantage. Drop us a line at for all your inquiries!

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