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$10k Per Month F&B
E Commerce Challenge

Step by step guide to make money online with your own E commerce website.

Why do F&B Businesses Need To Go Digital?

  • 3rd Party Platforms Charge 30 – 40% Commission
  • No Visibility of Customer Data for long term growth
  • No Control over your position in their app
  • Limited area of coverage and so is your exposure
  • You need to grow your brand to be known

  • You need to be able to take orders from anywhere
  • You should not be paying commission for orders.
  • Increase your revenue and reduce your expenses

Its Not About Just Delivery,
Its About O2O (Offline to Online)

  • Introduce Self Pickup / Takeaway

  • Introduce Contactless Dine In
  • Introduce Reservation
  • Identify Customers From Your Store And Get Them To Order Again Online


Of your customers are online looking for you, are you?

How Would You Like Us To HandHold You & Setup Your Own E Commerce Store

We need you to be dedicated to take this through & complete in 5 days

We will teach you every thing you need to setup and grow your business online

It does cost money to setup. Ensure you have sufficient funds to start.

We Will Setup & Go Through

1. Brand Setup

2. Menu Setup

3. E Commerce Setup

4. Payment Gateway Setup

5. Delivery Provider Setup

6. Go Live

7. Marketing

8. Make Money & Scale

What You Need To Prepare

1. Your Product & Packaging

2. Your Laptop or Desktop

3. Internet Connection

4. Domain cost of $25 SGD

5. Website setup cost of $3,300 SGD

6. 5 Days Of Your Time

7. Patience


If You Accept The Challenge

Get Started Now

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    Have you sold online before ? YesNo
    I understand and agree to the terms & conditions set forth : Yes

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