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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two days that are essential for online retailers and sellers. All e-commerce industries experience mammoth sales during these weeks, as they set up big discounts and flat sales on all of their products. The Christmas shopping season kicks start from Black Friday. Retailers and online shop owners spend heavy amounts to market their products and scale down their prices to attract customers to purchase from them.
Black Friday used to be a one-day sale event, but noticing its great success in the previous year, the industry has extended this to a whole week. Now, Black Friday concludes with Cyber Monday, thus creating a four-day sale for consumers. Usually, prices remain at an all-time low during the whole week. Retailers have all the freedom to decide what and how much discount they will be offering. For instance, some offer 50% flat sale on all of their products, while others give buy one get one offers on certain categories and some might allocate different discounts for online and offline purchases.

The Importance Of Black Friday
Black Friday events take place usually on the last Friday of November, every year, and there has been a similar pattern for a couple of years; online sales surpass the preceding year’s amount by considerable margins. In 2019, the black Friday sales touched the $7.4 billion mark, which was $6.2 billion in the previous year. The prospect of reaching such enormous sales targets entices every merchant, regardless of what model of business they’re operating; online or physical.
If you’re a seller, or you’re planning to start your journey in the retail industry, this may be the best time for you because the Black Friday is approaching. Read these tips to attract more traffic and sales for your business.

1. Offer Free Gifts On Purchases

Offering free or complimentary gifts to shoppers is a unique way to attract them towards your store. Every other seller operating in the industry offers price markdowns, so why not do something different? You can do this by setting a minimum limit like, “for every $30 purchase, win a free gift”. These gifts can be small tokens which might not cost you much but will help you build lasting customer relationships. For instance, if your business is about women’s accessories, you can send a free bracelet or ring. For men, you have the option to offer cufflinks or neckties as complements.

2. Offer Hourly Deals

If you have a big store that expects high traffic and you have employed a team that will be active at all times, having hourly deals will help you cover several segments at a time. The hourly deals won’t just attract customers to make one purchase, but the constant changes in deals will bring them back to you. For instance, if you have put a 30% flat sale on everything, you can have an hourly deal of 50% off on all items from 8-9 pm, or any other combination of sale. Make a homepage banner for these hourly deals and use applications that enable you to have sales scheduled. It is better to have multiple posts ready before-hand for all your social media platforms and websites because you won’t be able to manage everything at the 11th hour.

3. Make Sure You Don’t Restrict Your Sale To One Friday Only

In the past, retailers only used to put huge discounts on Black Fridays, but noticing the immense growth in sales and high margins, they started extending this sale duration. Now, most regions experience a whole week sale or in some cases, a four-day sale from Friday that ends with Cyber Monday. By extending your sale for more days, you’ll only increase your customer base and sales targets.

4. Make Use Of Emails

You can retrieve customer data from your emails. Extract all your previous customers, contact them, and give them special discounts. You have more chances of getting sales from these customers because they have previously purchased from you, and if they have interacted with you recently, they would remember your brand. For potential customers, send them text messages and emails to inform them about the great deals you’ll be offering on the sale day. If you’re promoting certain products to customers, make sure you add a link and that link button directs the customer to the page where they can make the purchase.

5. Bring In New Line Of Products

No matter how fast-selling your products are, adding new stuff always attracts customers. Even the ones who regularly visit and buy from your store will be happier to see a new line of products. For Black Fridays, you can add new items a few days before the sale day for your customers to enjoy a new experience and they will most likely return on the event day. You can also add new goods on the event day to enhance your sales targets.

6. Give Trailers Or Sneak Peeks

There is a rich profusion of marketing tactics and promotion methods, but you should always look for something that catches the eye. Making a small video, a GIF of your products, or engaging advertisements, will help to increase the curiosity of customers. Be sure to post these sneak peeks on all your social media pages and website.

7. Make Use Of Hashtags

Hashtags help increase your viewership. When you’re looking for ways to promote your store on this great event, make use of Black Friday hashtags, in addition to your regular hashtags, like #BlackFriday #Sale #BlackFriday sales or any similar ones. This will enable online shoppers to find you when they are looking for deals, particularly on Instagram.

8. Invest In Ads

Usually, people feel reluctant to spend when they see a risk of no or less return. Black Friday sales guarantee huge sales, so why not invest in it? Advertisers spend way more than normal on this event and this is why the cost per click is higher than usual. You can also advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media sites, but make sure you do it a few days before Black Friday so that the ad has ample time to optimize.

9. Make Use Of Different Applications To Promote

Several applications are best suited for Black Friday deals. Tidio Chat helps in creating a live chat on your site, enabling customers to contact you and learn more about the sale and products you’re offering. Free Shipping Bar by Hextom will help convert more leads because people are always attracted to the idea of no shipping fees. Upselling apps, like Product Upsell, are more helpful when you offer big discounts.

10. Send Coupon Codes Through Mail

Add a more personalized touch in reaching out to your customers. During these holidays, putting up online ads costs a lot and people usually tend to ignore these ads because they’re always bombarded with them. Check your customer base and send them holiday cards. You can write on these cards to show you’re thankful for their loyal long relationship and in return, you’re offering them a discount on black Friday. These gestures go a long way and leave better impressions.

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