Everything you need to
start selling your products online.

Accept orders for delivery & self-collection
with your own website.

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Your own e commerce website
on your own domain name

Greet your customers with a beautiful and secure online store

Setup of  Your Online Store

We will setup your e commerce store depending on whether you accept orders for Delivery &/or Self-Collection. With a phone call we will get you up and running in less than a week.

✅ Setup products, pictures, and prices.
✅ Outlet info, Delivery zones & fees.
✅ Earliest delivery and self-collection time.

Branding & Identity
 For Your Customers

Your website should be in your own domain name and not within some portal or sub domain. Promote your website and products with pride and allow your happy returning customers to look for products within your website.

CRM, Promotions & Points

All your customers’ data is saved and engaged for you to promote repeat business. In addition you can setup promo codes real time to offer discounts to your customers. Want to issue points for each purchase and start your own rewards program, its also included. Awesome right, we know.

Payment, Orders & Customer Management

Receive payments secure with Paypal &/or Stripe. All your orders are viewed and managed through an order management panel. Change status of orders to inform your customers, generate order and sales reports. All that you need packed in one easy to use admin panel.

Why Ninja Retail ?

Simple Pricing | Powerful Features | Easy to use
What more can you expect from an e commerce system

Product setup

Product setup are different business to business and we understand that. You will have requirements to capture modifiers, selections, additional request and more. Combo products are unique in their own way and you can do all of them
with Ninja Lite.

Area of coverage & Fees

Should you be accepting delivery orders. You can specify which area you want to accept orders from, and how much you wish to charge. You can even specify additional delivery fees for certain areas.

Estimated Delivery & Takeaway Time

You can set estimated delivery and pickup time on the fly for your orders. Its always best to let your customers know how soon they can expect their orders to give them the best customers purchase experience.

Promotions & Rewards

Issuing a promo code for repeated customers or to welcome a new customer, you can do it directly from the admin panel under 1 minute. Want to also kickstart a loyalty program and offer points for every purchase, its all available for you to kickstart. No need to rely on 3rd party apps to control your rewards and promotions ever again.

How Do I Get Started

Simply fill up the form below and how customer success officer will be in touch with you to get you started in 1 week.

Send us your Menu, Pictures, Prices and any other information about your restaurant & We will setup your e commerce store in our own domain for your review.

Admin Panel for further management of products, promos and customer information.

Business Center to view and manage orders and generate reports

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