Turnkey Ordering
System For Your Store

Run your business online from accepting orders, managing customers and receiving payments.

Easy to use | Quick to order | Rewarding experience

Give your customers what they want.

Dine In

Speed up order taking by introducing self-service.
Customers can use their personal mobile phones to browse your menu, order and pay.
No Installation required.
Save time and manpower to handle order taking thus saving you thousands each year.
Gain valuable data of your customers who Dine In; who they are, when do they come, how much do they spend, what items do they order.


Accept orders online completely hands-free
Customers enter their postal to find out if you deliver to their address, the estimated delivery time and which outlet is handling their delivery.
Set delivery fees based on zones, additional delivery charges for specific areas.
Receive orders that are processed and paid online. All you have to do is to prepare the food on time. No hassle.


Receive pre-orders online
Customers can pre order their food and specify the time of their arrival.
Set earliest pickup time and operating hours for pickup orders
Customise menu based on outlets, which outlets allow pickup and more.

What Do You Get?

A full-fledged ordering site to accept orders for Dine In, Delivery and Takeaway either in your own subdomain, order.restaurantname.com or with ours at restaurantname.ninjapro.co

Start having your own identity online and allow your customers to order directly with you.
Build a brand to last !

How do I receive the orders?

We have a web based and/or IPAD based business center for you to view and manage your orders.
*Need to integrate with your POS? Talk to us

Integration, Simplified

Your ordering system comes integrated with the following partners for seamless and effortless operation. Lalamove for Delivery, Revel, FoodZaps for POS, Quick Books and Xero for Accounting. Cant find a solution in this list? Talk to Us

Will My Customers Need This?

They absolutely love it! Restaurants in Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and Hong Kong are using NinjaPro to grow their business like never before.

Customers can order for delivery, takeaway and dine in, check order status, receive e receipts, points and more with your own ordering system.

No Downloads, Customers can use any device to order with you.

Gain Real Time Data and insights into your business and customers

See your data in one single dashboard. Identify what sells well with your customers and what doesn’t, make changes and watch your business grow.

See It In Action


How Customer Uses NinjaPro

Kucina has been able to gather data of their customers who dine in, this was made possible with NinjaPro’s Dine In Feature that allows customers to scan a QR on table and place an order. Kucina has rewarded customers who choose this option and that have been rewarding as they have seen an increase in repeat and referrals from customers.

Kucina Restaurantkucina.ninjapro.co

Its been really exciting to see my regulars and new customers pre order for takeaway. I love the speed at which my orders are processed and my customers love it as they don’t need to wait no more.

Saladbox order.thesaladbox.com.sg

We were never tech savvy to accept orders online, I was a little apprehensive but with NinjaPro it’s been a breeze. From taking the order, processing the order to even fulfilling the order with 3rd party delivery service providers. The service has been amazing

Cafe De HongKongcafedehongkong.ninjapro.co

What Do I Need To Get Started

  • Upload your menu and pictures
  • Send us your logo and company information
  • Setup your payment gateway account
  • And in 10 days you are live to accept your first online order!
    It’s really that simple.