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3 Reasons Why Facebook Is A Must For Your Restaurant Business

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Social media has become an integral part of everyone`s life. Talking about businesses, social media plays an important role in marketing and advertising your business. Narrowing down to the restaurant business sector, social media is “the” place to showcase your platter to all the potential customers. There is no second thought on declaring Facebook as the ruling King of all the social media platforms. So, it becomes clear that Facebook is a “must” to thrive your restaurant business. Given below are 3 reasons to convince you about its importance:

This Is Where You Will Find All Your Customers

  1. As per surveys, people spend around two hours of the day on social media, that’s around 30% of their time that is spent on their phones.
  2. Facebook allows restaurants to reach out to target audiences. Other perks include tracking the website visits and retargeting audiences to get better business out of them.
  3. Facebook helps you learn a lot about your customers/followers. Things like when they’re most active online, their demographic statuses and much more. You can make use of these valuable insights to target more and more potential customers in your area.
  4. Facebook serves as the strongest as well as the cheapest channel for roping-in your current customers and making them recurring ones.

It Is That ‘Bridge’ Platform, Which Connects With Other Social Media Channels, Like Instagram, Your Ordering Apps, Etc.

  1. Facebook is a one-stop tracking tool that helps you understand the needs and behavior of your customer. You get to track your customer`s views, orders and reactions through your Facebook page.
  2. All kinds of promotional activities get easier with Facebook. Anything form sharing pictures, recipes, videos. cooking tips to posts about contests, Facebook can get you the desired traffic and sales numbers for your restaurant business.
  3. Facebook keeps every other social media platform in loop. Whether it’s a feedback from your customers or an on-line delivery order menu, everything can be shared via Facebook.
  4. The Facebook feature “check-in” also boosts restaurant promotions. Whether it is a dine-in, take-out or a delivery from your restaurant, the number of “check-ins” serves as a free advertisement for your business.

It Makes Scalable Advertising Possible

  1. The paid advertising feature of Facebook is very cost-effective. It is one of the cheapest social media advertising platform to help reach out to the target audience.
  2. Facebook paid ads extend the reach of your restaurant by attracting more customers. A number of options are available to project your ad. Whether you are just promoting an offer, looking for more followers or are just interested in getting more website clicks, you can customize your ad projection accordingly.
  3. The Facebook ads are budget flexible. You can decide upon an initial budget and can eventually scale your advertising budget later. Once you start getting results from your advertisement investment, you can pump up the budget accordingly.
  4. Facebook paid ads are very effective and you get immediate results with all the statistics. You can constantly monitor the status of the ad that you created and see details like the number of people it reached, the number of website clicks, etc.

So, go ahead and arm your restaurant business with the Facebook tool and see the business flourishing like never before!


Why Is It Absolutely Crucial To Take Your Restaurant Business Online

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You might have heard this before… ‘If your business is not on the internet, then your business is out of business’.

From the smallest food joint on the corner of the street to the larger multi-outlet restaurants, it is getting increasingly essential for F&B businesses to go online, in efforts to survive in a highly disruptive local market.

But before we dive into why it is crucial for you to take your restaurant online, let’s look at the industry for a second.

We’ve reached an age where technology has revolutionized the way restaurant sell their food.

With the inception of Foodpanda, Deliveroo, UberEats, Honest Bee and many other delivery providers locally, customers can now browse the menu of nearby restaurants, place orders on their smartphones, while on the move after work or at the comforts of their homes, and complete payment online without having to reach for their wallets.

According to an extensive research conducted by Ernst and Young in April this year, Singaporeans are spending a whopping 12hr 42 minutes a day on their digital devices.

While majority of the 12hrs going to communicating via email, online messaging or social media, this phenomenon has greatly boosted the way F&B businesses get more sales online.

Partner this with the arrival of a multitude of food ordering apps and websites, customers can buy from their favorite food joints around them.

And this trend is catching on among Singaporeans well, because it enables us to enjoy delicious food at the comforts, without having to spend time going down to the restaurant.

So, in a nutshell, not going taking your business online only disables you from getting more orders, restricting your business to only physical channels. Since your customers are already spending so much time on their digital devices, it only makes sense to be present online too.

It’s simply about meeting the demands of the younger generation that wants what they want, when they want it, by ordering online.

At this point of time, you might be thinking about what can a website do for you other than a way to display your delicious dishes, as a placeholder site for your customers to find you.

Your website serves tool for you to take delivery, takeaway, dine-in, catering and even reservation orders online

Your customers can now order their dishes directly from your website, without having to guide them to ordering when a website does that for you, with the help of self-service.

In addition, your customers can now take their time with their order, without having the pressure of a waiter rushing them to complete their order.

Your website also allows you to collect your customers’ contact information and purchase patterns, which allows you to do targeted marketing and promotions.

The best part is, now your website ties up all your social media channels, allowing you to funnel existing and new customers into a place to collect their data.

On top of all, taking your restaurant business online is crucial to survive and remain in business by upgrading your business or else you will be out of the business.

Having your website and mobile app will help you to bring more customers, hassle-free ordering and payments and easy delivery option with an elimination of human efforts and time consumption added with free marketing tools.

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