Why NinjaOS Exists?

We believe restaurants excel in providing great food and awesome customer service. They are simply great offline at their retail store.

Customers on the other hand have evolved and are discovering F&B outlets on search results instead of walking around, they want it delivered quick, they want to arrive for that pickup just on time, order and pay with no waiting time and be notified on promotions via email instead of flyers. We can simply put, as they are always online.

NinjaOS was made to bridge this gap. Making it possible for F&B outlets to get their brand and food online and allow customers to take action and place orders. Making it possible for F&B outlets to get customer and business insights to further optimise and think about promotions and marketing. Keeping F&B outlets ahead in a competive landscape and yet allowing them to do what they do best.

Our team works wonders

A multi-disciplinary team with expertise spanning from food delivery, exhibitions, F&B, furniture, advertising, software development and web industries. We want to make F&B outlets take care of providing great food and awesome customer service while we take care of the rest.

Steven Seet

Jerry Lim

Keith Tan

Prakash Somosundram

Neeraj Sundarajoo

Vignesh Wadarajan

Our International Partners

Karthik Baskaran

Krishnaraj Natarajan